To the Manor Born  

Last Edited: 01-Feb-2016
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

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25th Anniversary

To the Manor Born
  1. Grantleigh 3-Sep-1979
  2. All New Together 07-Oct-1979
  3. Rhythms Of The Earth /
    Going To Church 14-Oct-1979
  4. Nation's Heritage 21-Oct-1979
  5. The Summer Hunt Ball 28-Oct-1979
  6. The Grapevine 04-Nov-1979
  7. A Touch Of Class 11-Nov-1979
  8. Christmas Special
    First Noel 25-Dec-1979

  9. The Farm Manager 05-Oct-1980
  10. The Spare Room 12-Oct-1980
  11. Never Be Alone 19-Oct-1980
  12. Tramps and Poachers 26-Oct-1980
  13. The Honours List 02-Nov-1980
  14. Vive Le Sport 09-Nov-1980

  15. Scout Hut 18-Oct-1981
  16. Station Closing 25-Oct-1981
  17. Horses Vs Cars 01-Nov-1981
  18. Birds Vs Bees 08-Nov-1981
  19. Cosmetics 15-Nov-1981
  20. Business Troubles 22-Nov-1981
  21. The Wedding 29-Nov-1981

  22. Christmas Special
    (25th Anniversary) 25-Dec-2007

Penelope Keith    Audrey fforbes-Hamilton
Peter Bowles       Richard DeVere (Bedrich Polouvicek)
Angela Thorne     Marjory Frobisher
Daphne Heard      Mrs. Maria Polouvicka (Mrs. Poo)
John Rudling        Brabinger
Michael Bilton      Old Ned
Gerald Sim          The Rector
Daphne Oxenford  Mrs. Patterson
Jonathan Elsom    J.J. Anderson
Dennis Ramsden   Arnold Plunkett
Betty Tucker       Mrs. Beecham
Jayne Lester        Linda Cartwright
Nicholas McArdle  Miller
Joyce Windsor      Mrs. Dorothy Plunkett
Anthony Sharp     Brigadier Lemington OBE
Celia Imrie           Polly
John Gleeson       Mr. Purvis
Ben Aris              Mr. Spalding

Created by Peter Spence
Directed by Gareth Gwenlan
Produced by Gareth Gwenlan, Justin Davies (2007)
Theme music composer Ronnie Hazlehurst
(5 DVDs)

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