Thrill of It All, The  

Last Edited: 01-Feb-2016
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

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Thrill of It All, The Doris Day               Beverly Boyer
James Garner          Dr. Gerald Boyer
Arlene Francis         Mrs. Fraleigh
Edward Andrews      Gardiner Fraleigh
Reginald Owen        Old Tom Fraleigh
Zasu Pitts              Olivia
Elliott Reid              Mike Palmer
Alice Pearce           Irving's Wife
Kym Karath            Maggie Boyer
Brian Nash             Andy Boyer
Lucy Landau          Mrs. Goethe
Paul Hartman          Dr. Taylor
Hayden Rorke         Billings
Alex Gerry             Stokely
Robert Gallagher     Van Camp
Ann Newman-Mantee  Miss Thompson
Burt Mustin            Fraleigh Butler
Hedley Mattingly     Sidney - Chauffeur
Robert Strauss       Chief Truck Driver
Maurice Gosfield     Truck Driver
William Bramley       Angry Driver
Pamela Curran        Spot Checker (starlet)
Herbie Faye           Irving
Lenny Kent            Cabbie
John Alderman        Mr. Caputo, New Father
Lennie Weinrib        Truck Driver
Carl Reiner             German Officer / Cad / Cowboy

Directed by Norman Jewison
screenplay by Carl Reiner
story by Larry Gelbart, Carl Reiner
Produced by Ross Hunter, Martin Melcher
Music by Frank De Vol

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