Russians Are Coming the Russians Are Coming, The  

Last Edited: 26-Jan-2016
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

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The Russians Are Coming,
the Russians Are Coming
Carl Reiner           Walt Whittaker
Eva Marie Saint     Elspeth Whittaker
Alan Arkin             Lt. Rozanov
Brian Keith            Police Chief Link Mattocks
Jonathan Winters   Norman Jonas
Paul Ford              Fendall Hawkins
Theodore Bikel       The Russian captain
Tessie O'Shea        Alice Foss (telephone operator)
John Phillip Law      Alexei Kolchin
Ben Blue               Luther Grilk
Andrea Dromm       Alison Palmer
Sheldon Collins      Pete Whittaker
Guy Raymond        Lester Tilly
Cliff Norton           Charlie Hinkson
Richard Schaal      Oscar Maxwell
Philip Coolidge       Mr. Porter
Don Keefer           Irving Christiansen
Cindy Putnam        Annie Whittaker
Parker Fennelly      Mr. Everett
Doro Merande        Muriel Everett
Vaughn Taylor       Mr. Bell
Johnny Whitaker    Jerry Maxwell
Danny Klega          Polsky
Ray Baxter           Brodsky
Paul Verdier          Maliavin
Nikita Knatz          Gromolsky
Constantine Baksheef  Vasilov
Alex Hassilev         Hrushevsky
Milos Milos            Lysenko
Gino Gottarelli       Kregitkin

Directed by  Norman Jewison
novel by Nathaniel Benchley
Produced by Norman Jewison, Walter Mirisch (uncredited)
Music by Johnny Mandel

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