Last Edited: 22-Jan-2016
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Date Classifications
Title Cast Parameters
Science Fiction

  1. 07-May-1977 Quark (Pilot)
  2. 24-Feb-1978 May the Source Be with You
  3. 03-Mar-1978 The Old and the Beautiful
  4. 10-Mar-1978 The Good, the Bad and
    the Ficus
  5. 17-Mar-1978 Goodbye Polumbus
  6. 24-Mar-1978 All the Emperor's
    Quasi-Norms (1)
  7. 31-Mar-1978 All the Emperor's
    Quasi-Norms (2)
  8. 07-Apr-1978 Vanessa 38-24-36

Richard Benjamin           Adam Quark
Tim Thomerson             Gene
Patricia Barnstable         Betty
Cyb Barnstable              Betty
Conrad Janis                 Palindrome
Alan Caillou                  The Head
Bobby Porter                Andy
Richard Kelton              Ficus
Joan Van Ark                Princess Libido
Ross Martin                 Zorgon the Malevolent
Ned York                     Bar-Tel
Jerrold Ziman               Professor Dinsmore
Susan Backlinie            Guard #1
Keith Atkinson             Guard #2
Douglas Fowley            Dr. O. B. Mudd
Misty Rowe                 Interface
Marianne Bunch           Dr. Cheryl Evans
Bruce M. Fischer          The Baron
Denny Miller                Zoltar
Barbara Rhoades          Princess Carna
Henry Silva                 The High Gorgon
Geoffrey Lewis             Admiral Flint
Mindi Miller                  Diana
Joe Burke                   Gorgon Guard II
Richard Devon             Captain
Daina House               The Handmaiden
Sean Fallon Walsh       Commander Kroll
Chris Capen                Gorgon Guard I
Maggie Sullivan           Teacher
Lee Travis                  Commander Stark
Rick Goldman              Worker One
Vern Rowe                 Worker Two
Gary Cashdollar          Guard #3
Paul Schumacher        Gorgon Man
Barry Hostetler           Guard #4
Melissa Prophet          Gorgon Woman
Ron Burke                  Guard #5
Larry French              Gorgon Assistant

Series Directed by Hy Averback,
Bruce Bilson, Peter H. Hunt
Series Writing Credits 
created by Buck Henry
written by Bruce Kane, Jonathan Kaufer,
Stuart Gillard, Robert Keats,
Steve Zacharias
Series Produced by Bruce Johnson,
Buck Henry
Series Music by Perry Botkin Jr.
Sony Pictures

Documentaries and Collateral Material
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