March of the Penguins  

Last Edited: 08-Jan-2016
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

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2005 Non-Fiction

March of the Penguins
Jordan Roberts          (narration: US edited version)
Charles Berling           Le père (voice)
Romane Bohringer       La mère (voice)
Jules Sitruk               Le bébé (voice)
Morgan Freeman        Narrator (voice)

Directed by Luc Jacquet
scenario by Luc Jacquet
adaptation by Luc Jacquet, Michel Fessler
Produced by Yves Darondeau, Christophe Lioud, Emmanuel Priou
Music by Émilie Simon, Alex Wurman
Warner Bros.

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