Last Edited: 18-Dec-2012 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title Cast Parameters


Word for Word -- Verbatim Theatre

Paul Allen
Producer: Chris Eldon Lee

27:41, 25917, S


It's Fun, but Is It Theatre?

Sarah Hemming
Producer: Sara Jane Hall

27:35, 25821, S

Slippered Pantaloons --
what does it mean to be old?

Presenter: Simon Fanshawe
Producer: Rob Alexander

27:51, 26068, S

Forced Entertainment

Bob Dickinson

27:44, 25960, S

Clouds and Blue Skies:
The Story of Melbourne Workers Theatre

Actors: Renan Göskin, Laura Lattuada, Simon Maiden, Carol Patullo,
Maria Theodorakis
Singers: Laura Lattuada, Zulya Kamalova, Lisa-Marie Parker,
Dan Witton
Musicians: Teresa Blake, Jenny M. Thomas, Irine Vela, Dan Witton
Composer and Musical Director: Irine Vela
Speakers: Görkem Acaroglu, Patricia Cornelius, Roanna Gonsalves,
Steve Payne, Irine Vela
Sound Engineers: Tim Symonds, Richard Girvan and Phillip Ulman
Producer: Maryanne Lynch

49:02, 45875, S

Mysteries from the Past -- York Cycle of Mystery Plays

John Godber
Producer: Andy Cartwright

27:54, 26110, S

The Actor's Gang

Tim Robbins, Rajesh Mirchandani
produced by Kate Bissell

27:47, 26006, S

Stage Door

Rachael Stirling
Producer: Tamsin Hughes

27:40, 25886, S