Art -- Painting, Drawing, Graphic Arts, Cartoon/Comics

Last Edited: 28-Apr-2014 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

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Art -- General

Date Title Cast Parameters
Traders of the Lost Art --
1990 Boston Gardiner Museum theft
Ed Butler
produced by Adele Armstrong
27:36, 25878, S
19-Dec-2005 to
Artists Only
  1. The London Sketch Club
  2. Dublin’s United Artists Club
  3. Penzance Arts Club
  4. Sussex Arts Club
  5. Scottish Arts Club (Edinburgh)
Michael Crick
Produced by Christina Capsiou
14:12, 13318, S
14:01, 13150, S
14:04, 13203, S
13:54, 13043, S
13:52, 13007, S
23-Mar-2006 The Last Picture Show -- Disassembling art exhibitions John Wilson
Produced by Peter McHugh
28:00, 26261, S
14-Apr-2006 I'm Afraid You'll Have to Give that Back --
The UK Spoliation Board
Mark Whitaker
Produced by
28:28, 26702, S
Looted Art Charles Wheeler
Produced by Mark Berman
27:57, 26207, S
18-May-2007 Jewel Encrusted Whales and Other Oddities Charlotte Mullins
Produced by Catherine Wilgress and
Lucy Ditchmont
28:12, 26452, S
The Art of Parliament
  1. Print for a Politician
  2. Statues and the Statute
  3. Building Britain
Michael Portillo
Produced by Emily Palmer
14:07, 13238, S
14:20, 13447, S
14:19, 13434, S
21-Jul-2008 Olympic Arts –
Medals for architecture, painting, sculpture,
literature and music
Mark Whitaker
Produced by
28:03, 26311, S
15-Jan-2009 Triple Espresso, Marinetti and the Futurists Richard Cork
Produced by Kate Bland
28:23, 26619, S
26-Feb-2009 The Art of Litter John Wilson
produced by Helen Lee
28:02, 26289, S
28-Apr-2009 There's More Here Than I Thought --
Winifred Gill
Kate Mosse
produced by Lucinda Montefiore
27:50, 26099, S
07-May-2009 The Keskidee - Britain's first black arts centre Alan Dein
produced by Neil McCarthy
27:48, 26075, S
09-Jun-2009 The Body of Art Bob Dickinson 27:46, 26033, S
13-Aug-2009 Earth to Earth -
our relationship with the funeral urn
Lars Tharp
produced by Neil George
27:39, 25932, S
Art Attack Tim Marlow
produced by Alison Crawford
27:53, 26148, S
27:53, 26157, S
10-Dec-2009 Open the Vaults --
the tradition of banks as patrons of art
Razia Iqbal
produced by Henrietta Harrison
27:46, 26040, S
06-Jul-2010 Grayson Perry on Creativity and Imagination Grayson Perry, Terry Pratchett,
Rose Tremain, Hussein Chalayan, Ray Tallis
produced by Gavin Hurd
27:26, 25803, S
Christie's Through the Looking Glass Miranda Sawyer
Producer: Eleanor Thomas
27:55, 26177, S
27:57, 26218, S
21-Oct-2010 Really Happening! Bob Dickinson 27:51, 26199, S
07-Dec-2010 3D in Perspective Andrew Collins
Producer: Tamsin Hughes
27:50, 26101, S
18-Oct-2011 Change of Art Andrew Shoben
Producers: Joby Waldman and
Kathryn Willgress
27:41, 25915, S
10-Feb-2012 to
The Art of Monarchy
  1. Behind the Royal Image
  2. Friend or Foe?
  3. Faith
  4. Magnificence
  5. The People
  6. Progress
  7. Empire and Commonwealth
  8. Legacy
Will Gompertz
Producer: Paul Kobrak, Sarah Taylor,
Neil George

27:36, 25837, S
27:50, 26050, S
27:45, 25972, S
27:45, 25967, S
27:47, 26005, S
27:36, 25839, S
27:48, 26024, S
27:40, 25895, S
02-Apr-2012 Art Disrupted: Damien Hirst and Co Producer: Kate Bland 27:54, 26119, S
18-May-2012 The Lost Art of Churches Paul Bayley
Producer: Bob Dickinson
27:51, 26059, S
11-Mar-2013 to
Baroque in Britain Tim Marlow
produced by Michael Circum
13:29, 12631, S
13:31, 12691, S
13:35, 12758, S
13:29, 12658, S
13:32, 12708, S
David Vaughan: The Artist Who Fell from Grace
Wayne Hemingway
produced by Bob Dickinson
27:44, 25997, S
Oblique Strategies
Simon Armitage
produced by Jeff Bird
28:10, 26416, S
15-Jun-2013 to

05-Apr-2014 to
  1. Angelica Cheung
  2. Martin Mills
  3. YouTube
  4. Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng

  5. Marina Abramovic
  6. Rem Koolhaas
  7. Theaster Gates
  8. Sonia Friedman
Will Gompertz
Producer: Paul Kobrak, Clare Walker
28:03, 26252, S
27:43, 25916, S
27:49, 26029, S
27:45, 26025, S

27:37, 25851, S
27:38, 25870, S
27:43, 25935, S
27:48, 26012, S


Date Title Cast Parameters
17-May-2005 to
Alvin Hall's Secret Collections
Alvin Hall
produced by Richard Vardon
13:58, 13100, S
13:50, 12970, S
14:07, 13239, S
13:51, 12911, S
14:06, 13220, S
Cezanne's Mountain
Iain Stewart and Michele Roberts
Produced by Kate Bland
28:07, 26366, S
14-Aug-2006 to
  1. Malcolm McLaren on Andy Warhol's
    Queen Elizabeth II
  2. Toyah Wilcox on Lytton Strachey
  3. Jeremy Paxman on George IV
  4. Gurinda Chadha on Lord Bill Morris
  5. David Cannadine on Arthur Balfour
Introdueced by Sandy Nair
Produced by Susan Marling
14:12, 13327, S
14:06, 13231, S
13:47, 12938, S
13:52, 13016, S
14:14, 13358, S
Rembrandt Today -
Why was Rembrandt so fascinated with
Nigel Warburton
Produced by Faith Lawrence
28:13, 26461, S
Picasso's Fallen Women
Richard Cork
Produced by Kate Bland
28:19, 26558, S
23-Apr-2007 to
Alvin Hall’s World of Art
Alvin Hall
Produced by Richard Vardon
14:10, 13292, S
14:01, 13151, S
13:34, 12720, S
13:54, 13044, S
14:02, 13160, S
The Appalling Mr Dali
Malcolm McLaren
Produce by Susan Marling
28:08, 26380, S
The Kiss at 100  -- Gustav Klimt's painting
Rowan Pelling
Produced by Vickie Shepherd
28:18, 26538, S
Scraps of Bacon – Francis Bacon
James Maw
Produced by Laurance Grizzell
28:02, 26285, S
Art for Schools – Brenda Rawnsley
Jackie Morris
produced by Laura Parfitt
28:12, 26442, S
The Wreck of the Alba - painting by Alfred Wallis
Michael Bird
produced by Julian May
27:47, 26054, S
Texting Andy Warhol
produced by Robin Reid
27:55, 26186, S
14-Mar-2010 to
The Secrets of the Art and the Artist: Caravaggio
Roger Law
produced by March Richards
13:51, 12995, S
13:45, 12898, S
13:44, 12887, S
Wild Billy Childish
John Wilson
produced by Ian Bent
27:49, 26086, S
Delirious Wilderness -  the brilliant, tragic tale of
Britain's lost school of Post-Impressionism
Owen Sheers
produced by Stephen Rahjem
28:08, 26386, S
Painting the Loneliness
Edward Hopper's famous painting of a lonely bar
in night-time New York
Adam Gopnik
Producer: Judith Kampfner
27:59, 26248, S
Gauguin: The Right to Dare
Louisa Buck
Producer: Kate Bland
27:53, 26157, S
Shimmer and Dazzle:
Seeing What Bridget Riley Sees
Louisa Buck
Producer: Kate Bland
27:40, 25954, S
Decoding Basquiat -- Jean Michel Basquiat's
text-filled canvasses
Benjamin Zephania
Producer: Joby Waldman
27:38, 25918, S
Lanyon's Last Flight -- artist Peter Lanyon
Michael Bird
Producer: Julian May
27:54, 26163, S
The Way Out: The Disabled Avant-Garde
Presenter: Aaron Williamson
Producer: Simon Hollis
28:06, 26351, S
This Is Not Magritte
Richard Strange
Producer: Kate Bland
27:56, 26194, S
Re-painting Giverny
Irma Kurtz
Producer: Laura Parfitt
27:51, 26062, S
Merzman: The Art of Kurt Schwitters
Bob Dickinson
27:44, 25949, S
30-Aug-2012 The Floating World of Hokusai
Audrey Niffenegger
produced by Victoria Macarthur
27:42, 25923, S
06-Sep-2012 Dancing with Mountains --
the visual arts and the act of climbing
Andrew Greig
Producer: Peter McManus
27:40, 25893, S
13-Sep-2012 Walter Kershaw: The UK's First Street Artist?
Mark Hodkinson
produced by Mark Hodkinson and Ian Bent
27:40, 25886, S
24-Jan-2013 The Men Who Painted Paradise: The Hudson River School
Producer: Susan Marling
27:52, 26083, S
Lowry Revisited
Michael Symmons Roberts
Producer: Geoff Bird
27:57, 26158, S


Date Title Cast Parameters
Inside the Life Drawing Class
Anneka Rice
produced by Chris Taylor
27:43, 26067, S
The Leonardo Detectives
Rachel Campbell-Johnston
Producer: Brian McCluskey
27:32, 25767, S

Graphic Arts

Date Title Cast Parameters
10-Feb-2011 I Heart Milton Glaser -- the I Love NY logo Alastair Sooke
Producer: Jo Meek
27:52, 26140, S
02-Jan-2012 In Search of Barney Bubbles --
album sleeves of cryptic intricacy
Mark Hodkinson
produced by Mark Hodkinson and Ian Bent
27:28, 25711, S
17-Jan-2012 The Print Master -- legendary print maker, Stanley Jones Susan Aldworth
Producer: Sara Jane Hall
27:37, 25850, S
29-Oct-2012 In Seven Days: Inside a Historic Campaign Nicola Green
Producer: Jane Ellison/Angela Hind
27:23, 25626, S


Date Title Cast Parameters
23-Feb-2004 to
Cartoon Cliches
  1. The desert island
  2. The firing squad
  3. The cannibals' pot
  4. The bosses' desk
  5. The aliens have landed
Martin Plimmer
produced by Brian King
14:08, 13265, S
14:04, 13192, S
13:56, 13074, S
14:06, 13229, S
13:50, 12976, S
07-Oct-2004 Toonhounds and Teabags  --
50th Anniversary of British animation
Phill Jupitus
Produced by Myles Ward
28:13, 26456, S
30-Jul-2005 Tough of the Track  -- Comic strip hero Alf Tupper Stuart Storey
Produced by Geoff Ballinger
27:52, 26138, S
19-Jul-2008 Phill Jupitus’ Comic Love Phill Jupitus
Produced by Kirsten Lass
27:45, 26042, S
07-Oct-2008 to
Phill Jupitus’ Strips
  1. Garry Trudeau of Doonesbury
  2. Young, political cartoonists in NY
  3. Charles Peattie and Russell Taylor of Alex
  4. Bill Griffith of Zippy The Pinhead
Phill Jupitus
Produced by Kirsten Lass
14:01, 13147, S
14:35, 13684, S
13:57, 13095, S
14:28, 13568, S
11-Dec-2008 Drawn to be Wild - women in animation Jenny Éclair
Produced by Stephen Garner
28:18, 26540, S
09-Nov-2010 Good Grief: The Story of Peanuts Pete Paphides
Producer: Laura Parfitt
27:57, 26216, S
23-Dec-2010 Eagle: The Space Age Weekly Tim Rice
produced by Stephen Garner
28:03, 26307, S
22-Oct-2011 Rupert Bear and Me Mark Radcliffe
Producer: Lorna Skingley
27:39, 25883, S
25-Oct-2011 Classics Illustrated: The Comic Book Unbound Bill Paterson
written by Roger Dobson
produced by Stephen Garner
27:50, 26057, S
02-Jan-2012 Holy Mackerel - It's My Life! --
Frank Dickens - his character Bristow
Narrator: Bernard Cribbins
Producer: Neil Cargill
27:28, 25704, S
14-Jan-2013 A Menace to Society --
75th anniversary of Beano and the Dandy
Danny Wallace
Producer: Elizabeth Foster
27:43, 25934, S
08-Mar-2013 Why Bob the Builder Has Moved Overseas Gerald Scarfe
produced by Miles Warde
27:45, 25965, S


Date Title Cast Parameters
04-Feb-2010 Henry Moore, My Father Mary Moore
produced by Kate Bland
27:58, 26226, S

Decorative Arts

Date Title Cast Parameters
24-Mar-2011 House Beautiful -- the Aesthetic movement Laurence Llewelyn Bowen
Producer: Susan Marling
27:51, 26124, S
24-Aug-2004 The Bunnykins Business -- The Royal Doulton plates Sheila Keegan
produced by Nigel Aitchinson
28:26, 26666, S