Walker, Mike

Last Edited: 14-Nov-2017
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recordings are good unless otherwise indicated.
See also Slaughterhouse 30,000
Date Title Cast Parameters
David Calder, Sarah Jane Home, John Moffat, Anna
Sevenavich, Daniel O’Grady, Lexi Rose
Music by David Chilton
Directed by Gordon House
57:11, 53621, S
David Calder, Penelope Wilton, Helen Longworth,
Phillip Voss, Sarah Jane Home, Carl Prekov
Music by David Chilton
Directed by Gordon House
57:07, 53550, s
Last Call
Su-Lin Looi, Patrick Bridgman, Oliver J Hembrough, Mark
Meadows, Lisa Coleman, Robert Gwilym, Paul Humpoletz
Director Mary Ward Lowery
43:54, 41160, S
Broadcast R4:
The Best of Mothers
Jonathan Forbes, Frances Barber, Stephen Boxer, Nicholas
Boulton, Ndidi Ama, Jason Chan, Christian Rodska, Hugh
Dickson, Stephen Hogan
Music by David Pickvance and Sylvia Hallett.
Directed by Steven Canny.
Produced by Jeremy Mortimer
57:10, 53605, S
Broadcast R4:
The Glass Ballgame
Andrew Garfield, Jonathan Coy, Emily Wachter, Jonathan
Hyde, Amanda Root, Stephen Hogan, Jason Chan,
Nicholas Boulton
Music by David Pickvance
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
57:11, 53622, S
Broadcast R4:
Citizens in a Great City
Ronald Pickup, Ray Fearon, Helen McCrory, Hugh Dickson,
Jim Sturgess, Stephen Hogan, Nicholas Boulton,
Martin Hyder
Music by David Pickvance
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
56:40, 53126, S
02-Jul-2007 to
Five Days in July
  1. Live8 and Gleneagles
  2. Paul and Ayeesha
  3. Zipper and Mary
  4. Imogen and Manjit
  5. Zipper and Gray
David Calder, Margot Leicester, Elizabeth Spriggs, Leanne
Rowe, Saskia Wickham, Sameena Zehra, Jane Slavin, Paul
Panting, Ricci McLeod, Jasmine Callan, Rachel Bavidge,
Ash Varrez, John Dougall, Anthony Glennon
Producer Eoin O'Callaghan
13:42, 12847, S
13:47, 12930, S
13:40, 12820, S
13:41, 12837, S
14:21, 13467, S
Avoid London - Area closed -
Turn on Radio
David Calder, Margot Leicester, Elizabeth Spriggs, Leanne
Rowe, Saskia Wickham, Sameena Zehra, Jane Slavin, Paul
Panting, Ricci McLeod, Jasmine Callan, Rachel Bavidge,
John Dougall, Anthony Glennon
Producer Eoin O'Callaghan
86:00, 80637, S
Neil Dudgeon, Wendy Baxter, Laurance Bouvard, David
Ralston, Oliver Ford-Davies, Harry Myers, David Thorpe,
Stephen Critchlow, Ben Crowe
Producer/director Chris Wallis
43:10, 40478, S
I Am Not You Are Not Me
Jim Norton
Film Directed and Edited by Joe King and Rosie Pedlow
Produced by Rosie Pedlow
BBC Radio Drama Director: Jeremy Mortimer
Part of
The City Speaks, 1
It's Better with Animals
Based on three short stories: The Red Fox Fur Coat by
Teolinda Gersao, Blue Waltz with Coyotes by Jean Dixon
and Pie Dance by Molly Giles.

Russell Horton, Jennifer Van Dyck, Laura Dean, Tory Wood,
Kevin T Collins, Kate Kearns, Maggie Langer, Flora Salmand
Music by Jon Nicholls
director Judith Kampfner
43:52, 41136, S
24-May-2008 The Sound of Fury Anton Lesser, Peter Whitman, Rory Bremner, Robert
Glennister, Andy Circus, Ian Target, Alistair McGowan,
Nicholas Boulton, Jeremy Clyde, Peter Watts, Siriol
Jenkins, Richard Tait, Tom Bevan, James Taylor, Rachel
Atkins, Ken Sherrick
Songs sung by Gavin Stanley
directed by Andy Jordan
88:07, 82612, S
20-Oct-2008 The Crash: A Killing James MacPherson, Benedict Wong, Laurel Lefkow, Nicholas
Boulton, Richard Howard, Jill Cardo
Producer Eoin O'Callaghan
44:01, 41276, S
02-Feb-2009 A City Killing Nicholas Boulton, Nathan Osgood, David Tse, Janice Acquah,
Pamela Miles, Sam Dale, Jonathan Tafler
Director  Eoin O’Callaghan
44:03, 41309, S
Forty-Three Fifty-Nine - Assassins
written with John Dryden
Rob Jarvis, Nicholas Farrell, Emily Beecham, Oleg
Meghan Hagerty, Yuri Kilmov
Producer John Dryden.
44:07, 41360, S
14-Dec-2009 to
Scumdog Millionaires David Tse Ka-Shing, Michelle Tate, Pik-sen Lim, Lobo Chan,
Nigel Hastings, Rhys Jennings, Kate Layden
Directed by Eoin O'Callaghan
13:49, 12967, S
13:43, 12865, S
13:49, 12969, S
13:48, 12941, S
14:03, 13181, S
  1. What is A Man?
  2. Lionheart
  3. John, By the Grace of God
  4. Edward I - Old Soldiers
  5. Edward II - The Greatest
  6. Richard II - And All Our Dreams
    Will End in Death
  7. Henry V - True Believers
  8. Henry VI - A Simple Man
  9. Richard III - The Three
David Warner, Jane Lapotaire, Joseph Cohen-Cole, Piers
Wehner, Rhys Jennings, Stephen Hogan, Bruce Alexander,
Philip Fox, John Biggins, Ed Stoppard, Raad Rawi,
Khalid Laith, Ewan Hooper, Neil Stuke, Ryan Watson,
Emerald O'Hanrahan, Bertie Gilbert
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Philip Jackson, Ellie Kendrick, Sam Troughton, Simon Bubb,
James Lailey, Jonathan Forbes, Sean Baker, Brian Bowles,
Nyasha Hatendi, Stuart McLoughlin, Joanna Monro, Peter
Polycarpou, Daniel Rabin, Alun Raglan, Jane Whittenshaw,
Hattie Morahan, Trystan Gravelle, Joseph Samrai, Patrick
Kennedy, Blake Ritson, Alex Tregear, Claire Harry
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer and Jessica Dromgoole
Luke Treadaway, Lydia Leonard, James Lailey, Nicky
Henson, Paul Moriarty, Simon Bubb, Carl Prekopp, Rikki
Lawton, Gerard McDermott, Christopher Webster, Al
Weaver, Aimee Ffion Edwards, Shaun Dooley, Nancy
Carroll, Adam Billington, James Lailey, Paul Moriarty
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer and Sasha Yevtushenko
57:11, 53616, S
57:10, 53604, S
57:00, 53449, S
57:00, 53452, S
57:03, 53492, S
56:59, 53425, S
57:03, 53373, S
57:14, 53549, S
56:43, 53059, S
14-Mar-2011 The Gun Goes to Hollywood Steven Weber, Greg Itzin, Kate Steele, Jonathan
Silverman, Jonathan Getz, Andre Sogliuzzo, Tom Virtue
directed by Kate McAll
43:51, 41120, S
19-Mar-2011 Landfall Nicola Miles-Wilden, Cyril Nri, Clare Perkins, Alex Tregear,
Adeel Akhtar
Sound design by Pete Ringrose and Colin Guthrie
The director is Marc Beeby
56:43, 53179, S
28-May-2011 Sunk Richard Laing, Blake Ritson, Jason Watkins, Nick Dunning,
Lucy Cohu, Miche Doherty, Séainín Brennan, Paul Kennedy
Producer/Director.....Gemma McMullan
57:01, 53467, S
16-Dec-2011 Beyond Borders Timothy West, Lesile Manville, Danielle Wayman, Philip
Jackson, Simon Jones, William Hope,
Producer: Richard Clemmow
43:53, 40221, S
22-Jun-2012 Amours de Voyage Stephen Noonan, Fenella Woolgar, Peter Marinker
Producer: Tim Dee
43:35, 40780, S
15-Oct-2012 Top Kill Colin Stinton, Lorelei King, Nathan Osgood, Laurel Lefkow,
Eric Loren, John Guerrasio, Stuart Milligan
Producer Eoin O'Callaghan
43:12, 40519, S
28-Jan-2013 Burma Joseph Millson, Sophie Roberts, Joseph Kloska, Ernest
Ignatius, Armaan Kirmani, Derek Riddell, Alun Raglan
directed by Kate McAll
43:29, 40682, S
04-Feb-2013 Dreaming Joseph Millson, Lyndsey Marshal, Ewan Bailey, Paul
Stonehouse, Ben Crowe, Will Howard
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
43:56, 41110, S
22-Mar-2013 The Edison Cylinders Clare McCarron, Jonjo O'Neill, Harry Hadden-Paton,
Stephen Critchlow, Laura Hyde
Directed by John Taylor
43:56, 41182, S
The Product Nathan Osgood, Alex Lanipekun, Sam Alexander, Don Gilet
Directed by Toby Swift
104:10, 97451, S
Doing Time:
The Last Ballad of Reading Gaol
Annette Badland, Nell Herrin, Ifan Meredith, Jimmy
Akingbola, Jonathan Forbes, Gerard Horan
Directed by Duncan McLarty
43:36, 40781, S
Narrator    Peter Piot
Ben Crowe, William Hope, Tracy Wiles, Jude Owusu,
Tom Alexander, Nathaniel Martello-White, Martin T Sherman,
Samantha Beart
Directed by Dirk Maggs
Produced by David Morley
43:26, 40741, S
Mrs Pickwick's Papers
Annette Badland, Susan Wokoma, Jane Slavin, Stephen
Critchlow, Sam Dale, Ian Conningham
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
43:57, 41129, S
Waterloo -- The Ball at Brussels Simon Paisley Day, Stephen Greif, Jane Slavin, Neet Mohan,
Mark Edel-Hunt, Alex Tregear, Rhiannon Neads, Sam Dale,
David Hounslow, David Acton, Stephen Critchlow
Produced and directed by Marion Nancarrow
43:46, 40946, S
Being Human (The Debate at
by Mike Walker and Andrew Whaley
Steve Toussaint, Maynard Eziashi, Pippa Bennett Warner,
Adjoa Andoh
Producer/Director Marion Nancarrow
88:53, 83153, S
12-Oct-2015 to
The Life and Times of Arthur Miller
  1. Beginnings by Mike Walker
  2. The Lure by Jonathan

  3. Sin by Jonathan
  4. Dreams by Mike Walker
Ed Harris, Ben Feldman, Gregory Itzin, Kate Burton,
Anna Lyse Erikson, Matthew Wolf, Andre Sogliuzzo,
Michael Kirby, Jane Kaczmarek, Devon Sorvari,

Ed Harris, Geoffrey Arend, Devon Sorvari, Alexis Jacknow,
Raphael Sbarge, Heidi Dippold, Hector Elizondo,
Andre Sogliuzzo

Ed Harris, Geoffrey Arend, Andre Sogliuzzo, Heidi Dippold,
Edward Asner, Nick Toren, Alan Shearer

Ed Harris, Geoffrey Arend, Jane Kaczmarek, Ben Feldman,
Devon Sorvari

directed by Kate McAll
43:12, 40425, S
43:20, 50752, S
43:07, 60362, S
43:20, 40549, S
Tumanbay by John Dryden
  1. Coming of Age by Mike Walker


Date Title Cast Parameters
05-Aug-2008 Meeting at Formiae David Trouten, Anton Lesser, Stephen Critchlow, Juliet Aubry, Emily
Bruny, Andrew Harrison
Director Jeremy Mortimer
56:26, 52913, S
The Arena Richard Johnson, Adam Levy, Ben Crowe, Clive Russell, Jasmine Hyde,
Bruce Purchase, Gerard McDermott, Stephen Critchlow
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
56:01, 52530, S
Peeling Figs for Julius David Tennant, Priange Elan, Neil Dudgeon, Stephen Critchlow, Andrew
Harrison, George Baker, Susan Engel, Job Prospero, Liza Sadovy, Bruce
Purchase, Ben Crowe, Scott Brooksbank
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
56:29, 52965, S
The Best of Mothers Jonathan Forbes, Frances Barber, Stephen Boxer, Nicholas Boulton,
Mdidi Amah, Christian Rodsga, Hugh Dickson, Jason Chan, Stephen Hogan
director Steven Canny, producer Jeremy Mortimer
56:58, 53414, S
The Glass Ball Game Jonathan Coy, Jonathan Hyde, Andrew Garfield, Emily Wachter, Amanda
Root, Stephen Hogan, Nicholas Boulton, Jason Chan
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
56:59, 53437, S
Citizens in a Great City Ronald Pickup, Ray Fearon, Helen McCrory, Hugh Dickson,
Jim Sturgis, Nicholas Boulton, Stephen Hogan, Martin Hyder
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
56:25, 52903, S
Empress in the West
Barbara Flynn, Danny Webb, Stephen Hogan, David Troughton, Sam
Troughton, Nick Boulton, Tim Treloar, Paul Richard Biggin, Joseph Kloska,
Sam Dale, Emma Noakes, Saikat Ahamed
Producer/director Steven Canny.
56:54, 53345, S
The Maker of All Things
Sam Dale, Joseph Kloska, Mark Straker, Margot Leicester, Christine
Kavanagh, Trevor Martin, Struan Rodger, Paul Richard Biggin,
Saikat Ahamed
Producer/director Jeremy Mortimer
57:02, 53485, S
An Empire Without End
Tom Hiddleston, David Collings, Adjoa Andoh, George Baker, Sam Dale,
Victor Sobchak, Mark Straker, Joseph Kloska, Christian Rodska, Saikat
Ahamed, Paul Richard Biggin
Producer/director Jeremy Mortimer
57:11, 53617, S

Dickens Confidential

Date Title Cast Parameters
Railway Kings
Jamie Glover, Freddy White, Jasmine Hyde, John Dougall, Sam Dale,
Gerard Murphy, Alex Tregear, Rachel Bavidge, Anthony Glennon
Violin played by Tamsin Astbury
producer/director David Hunter
43:13, 40529, S
Darker than You Think
Jamie Glover, Jasmine Hyde, Freddy White, Nicholas
Boulton, Harry Myers, John Dougall, Sam Dale, Anthony Glennon
Producers David Hunter and Tracey Neale; director Tracey Neale
43:32, 40822, S
High Society
By Deborah Davis
Jamie Glover, Jasmine Hyde, Freddy White, Robert Bathurst, Juliet
Aubrey, Bertie Carvel, John Dougall, Sam Dale, Rachel Bavidge,
Melinda Walker
Producers David Hunter and Tracey Neale; director Tracey Neale
43:13, 40530, S
Captain Swing
By Annie Caulfield
Jamie Glover, Jasmine Hyde, Freddy White, Jasmine Callan,
Anne Beach, Anthony Glennon, John Dougal, Sam Dale
Producer/director David Hunter
42:18, 39665, S
Jamie Glover, Freddy White, Jasmine Hyde, Jonathan Keeble,
Charlie Brooks, Harry Eden, John Dougall, Sam Dale
Directed by Tracey Neale
43:55, 41174, S
Jamie Glover, Jasmine Hyde, Freddy White, Charlotte Emerson,
Clive Swift, Gerard Murphy, Anthony Glennon
Producer/director David Hunter
43:59, 41249, S
Gangs of London
Dan Stevens, Eleanor Howell, Freddy White, Andrew Buchan, John
Dougall, Gerard Murphy, John Rowe, Stephen Critchlow, Ben Crowe,
Chris Pavlo, Liz Sutherland
Producer/director David Hunter
43:26, 40723, S
The Man Who Robbed
the Bank of England
Dan Stevens, Eleanor Howell, John Rowe, Andrew Buchan, John
Dougall, Gerard Murphy, Stephen Critchlow, Ben Crowe, Neyasha
Hatendi, Chris Pavlo, David Starkey
Producer/director David Hunter
43:46, 41044, S
Dickens and Dizzy
by Dabor Davies
Dan Stevens, Eleanor Howell, Julian Rhind Tutt, Andrew Buchan, Liz
Sutherland, Bertie Carvel, Joan Walker, Nayesha Hatendi, Dan
Starkey, Ben Crowe, Stephen Critchlow, Lydia Leonard, Allan Lee
Director Tracey Neale
43:45, 41021, S
The Deal
by Rob Kinsman
Dan Stevens, Eleanor Howell, Andrew Buchan, Gerard McDermott,
Stephen Critchlow, John Rowe, Liz Sutherland, Simon Treves,
Nayesha Hatendi, Dan Starkey, Chris Pavlo
Producer/director David Hunter
44:02, 41295, S
Murder in the Red Barn
Dan Stevens, Eleanor Howell, Andrew Buchan, Henry Goodman,
Joan Walker, Liz Sutherland, Helen Longworth, John Rowe,
Chris Pavlo
Director Tracey Neale
44:05, 41338, S
Why Are We In Afghanistan?
Dan Stevens, Eleanor Howell, Andrew Buchan, Rachel Atkins,
Dan Starkey, John Dougall, John Rowe, Chris Pavlo
Producer Rishi Sankar.
DirectorTracey Neale
44:05, 41344, S

Countdown to D-Day

A multi-story, multi-author series for the 60th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion. Five daily, 15-minute works introduce characters and plots, some of which are interwoven in the full work.

Date Title Cast Parameters
Broadcast R4:
D-Day Minus Six:
Putting You Through
By Patricia Hannah
From a story by Mike Walker
Juliet Stevenson, Julie Austin, and Lucy Paterson
Director David Jackson Young
14:13, 1337, S
Broadcast R4
D-Day Minus Five:
Taking Leave
By Arnold Evans
From a story by Mike Walker
Juliet Stevenson, Mali Harries, Steven Meo
Director Gilly Adams
13:56, 13077, S
Broadcast R4
D-Day Minus Four:
Harry and Gloria
By Katie Hime
Juliet Stevenson, Ryan McCluskey, Kaye Wragg
Director Gordon House
14:03, ,13183 S
Broadcast R4:
D-Day Minus Three:
Lilly's Mum
By Louise Ramsden
From a story by Mike Walker
Juliet Stevenson, Emily Chennery, Alison Belbin, Ricci Harnett
Director Peter Leslie Wild
13:48, 12944, S
Broadcast R4:
D-Day Minus Two:
Drop Zone
By Hilary Fannin
From a story by Mike Walker
Juliet Stevenson, Bill Wallis, Claudia Harrison, Avril Elgar
Director Tanya Nash
14:22, 13542, S
Broadcast R4:
The Biggest Secret
By Mike Walker
Juliet Stevenson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Claudia Harrison, Danny
Webb, Kaye Wragg, Joseph Tremain, Ben Tibber, Colin Stinton,
Bertie Carvel, Emily Chennery, Ricci Harnett, Jamie Glover, Carl
Prekopp, Simon Nehan, Chris MacDonnell, John Rowe, Alice Hart,
David Leonard, Andrew Mackintosh, John Guerrasio, Philip Fox,
Joanna McCallum
Director Jeremy Howe
104:17, 97779, S
Broadcast R4:
The Long Wait
By Sarah Daniels
Based on a story by Mike Walker
Juliet Stevenson, Felicite de Jeu, Kenneth Collard, Bill Wallis,
Claudia Harrison, Raquel Cassidy, Tonia Chauvet, Abbie Nichols,
Charlie Hicks, Bertie Carvel, Paul Humpoletz, Damian Lynch,
Jamie Glover
Music by Neil Brand and Johnny Eacott
Director Toby Swift
57:07, 53548, S
11-Sep-2010 Spitfire!
Rory Kinnear, Joe Coen, Samuel West, Samuel Barnett,
David Horovitch, David Troughton, Stephen Critchlow, Ben
Crowe, Lucas Motion, Abigail Thaw, Ruth Wilson
Technical Advisor: Patrick Bishop
Original music/sound design: David Chilton
Producer/Director: Amber Barnfather
57:11, 53616, S

The Stuarts
Date Title Cast Parameters
Broadcast R4:
It Came In with a Lass
Jeany Spark, Brian Cox, Tom Mison, John Mackay,
Michael Bertenshaw, Bruce Alexander, Wunmi Mosaku,
David Seddon, Sean Murray, Ben Crowe, Paul Stonehouse
Directed by Jessica Dromgoole & Sasha Yevtushenko
86:50, 81235, S
Broadcast R4:
To Make the Plough Go before the Horse
Bill Paterson, Stewart Campbell, John Rowe,
David Dawson, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Dominic Mafham,
Bruce Alexander, Hannah Wood, Amaka Okafor,
Ben Crowe, Matthew Watson, Sean Murray
Directed by Jessica Dromgoole & Sasha Yevtushenko
56:51, 53196, S
Broadcast R4:
A World of Fools and Knaves
Julian Rhind-Tutt, Vanessa Kirby, Dominic Mafham, Kate
Fleetwood, Anton Lesser, Vincent Franklin, Amaka Okafor,
Ben Crowe, Michael Bertenshaw, Paul Stonehouse, Philippa
Stanton, Matthew Watson, Sean Murray, David Seddon
Directed by Jessica Dromgoole & Sasha Yevtushenko
56:53, 53228, S
Broadcast R4:
This War Without an Enemy
Julian Rhind-Tutt, Anton Lesser, Vincent Franklin, Vanessa
Kirby, Ben Crowe, Iain Batchelor, Michael Bertenshaw,
Matthew Watson, Sean Murray, David Seddon,
Paul Stonehouse
Directed by Jessica Dromgoole & Sasha Yevtushenko
56:35, 52942, S
Charles II, Part One:
Through the World in Various Fortune
Jamie Parker, Will Howard, Paul Hilton, Michael Bertenshaw,
Adam Thomas Wright, Clive Hayward, Alun Raglan,
Matthew Watson, David Cann
Directors: Marc Beeby & Sasha Yevtushenko
56:35, 52940, S
Charles II, Part Two:
The Long Lease of Pleasant Days
Pip Torrens, James Fleet, Ken Bones, Clive Hayward,
Alex Waldmann, Olivia Ross, Stephanie Racine, Matthew
Watson, Elaine Claxton, David Cann, Damian Lynch,
Michael Bertenshaw, Mark Edel-Hunt
Directors: Sasha Yevtushenko & Marc Beeby
56:58, 53292, S
James II:
The Storms of this Deceitful World
James Fleet, Clive Hayward, Michael Bertenshaw, Michael
Shelford, Jaimi Barbakoff, Alex Waldmann, Jane Slavin,
Nicholas Murchie, David Cann, Damian Lynch, Mark
Edel-Hunt, Matthew Watson
Directors: Marc Beeby & Sasha Yevtushenko
56:21, 52725, S
William III and Mary II:
To Have and To Hold
Mark Edel-Hunt, Elaine Cassidy, Jonathan Coy, Finn den
Hertog, Sam Dale, Alex Tregear, Rhiannon Neads, David
Acton, David Hounslow, Stephen Critchlow
Harpsichord played by Peter Ringrose
Director - Gemma Jenkins
56:50, 53176, S
Queen Anne: Myself Alone
Nicholas Murchie, Amelia Lowdell, Fenella Woolgar,
Jonathan Coy, Rhiannon Neads, David Hounslow, David
Acton, Stephen Critchlow, Sam Dale, Jessica Turner
Director - Gemma Jenkins
56:51, 53188, S
Bonnie Prince Charlie:
Who Dares to Be Free
Blake Ritson, Chloe Pirrie, Alex Norton, James McArdle,
Ben Crowe, Mark Edel-Hunt, Luke Thompson, Jane Slavin,
Sam Dale, David Acton, Stephen Critchlow
Director - Sasha Yevtushenko
86:45, 81157, S
Charlotte Stuart: The Last Stuart
Kate O'Flynn, Tim McMullan, David Troughton, Jessica
Turner, David Acton, Nishi Malde, Adam Thomas Wright,
Mark Edel-Hunt, Ayesha Antoine, Neet Mohan
Director  Sasha Yevtushenko
56:43, 53072, S

Date Title Cast Parameters
Ivan the Terrible: Absolute Power
David Threlfall, Shaun Dooley, Steven Hartley, Hugo Speer,
Kirsty Oswald, Sean Baker, James Lailey, Jason Barnett, Tom
Forrister, Graham Butler, Will Howard, Elizabeth Bennett
Director: Sasha Yevtushenko
56:40, 53017, S
Boris Godunov: Ghosts
Shaun Dooley, Elizabeth Berrington, Jason Barnett, Sean Baker,
Tom Forrister, James Lailey, Fisayo Akinade, Kirsty Oswald,
Finn Monteath, Tom Taylor

Director: Sasha Yevtushenko
56:34, 52920, S
Peter the Great: The Gamblers
Will Howard, Christine Bottomley, Justin Davies, Simon Armstrong,
Carl Prekopp, Steffan Rhodri, Claire Cage, Brendan Charleson,
Isaac Rouse, Sion Pritchard, Jonathan Green, Kirsty Oswald
Director Alison Hindell
56:38, 52986, S
Peter the Great: Queen of Spades
Elliot Cowan, Joanna Van Kampen, Sion Pritchard, Simon Armstrong,
Toby Laurence, Tristan Sturrock, Michael Bertenshaw, John Telfer

Director Alison Hindell
56:36, 52949, S
Catherine the Great: Husbands,
Lovers and Sons
Samantha Spiro, Kenneth Collard, Anton Lesser, Joe Sims, Robert
Blythe, David Sturzaker, Simon Ludders, Sanchia MacCormack,
Georgie Glen, Joel MacCormack, Finlay Robertson

Director: Sasha Yevtushenko
56:35, 52939, S
Alexander I: Into the Woods
Joel MacCormack, Kenneth Collard, Joe Sims, Charlie Anson,
Nathaniel Martello-White, Maeve Bluebell Wells, Sarah Ridgeway,
David Sturzaker, Simon Ludders, Robert Blythe, Finlay Robertson,
Tom Forrister

Director: Sasha Yevtushenko
56:49, 53161, S
Alexander II: The People's Will
Joseph Millson, Kenneth Cranham, Alexandra Roach, Joe Sims,
Michael Bertenshaw, Tom Forrister, Philip Fox, John Norton,
Joanna Van Kampen, Simon Ludders, Samuel James

Director Alison Hindell
56:41, 53031, S
Nikolai II - Three Hundred Years
Raymond Coulthard, Amanda Root, Nicholas Woodeson, Brian
Protheroe, Rhodri Hugh Thomas, Charlie Clements, Philip
Bretherton. Katherine Weare, Nathan Sussex, David Reakes

Director Alison Hindell
56:38, 52985, S
Lenin -- Tears
Paul Ritter, Samuel James, Sion Pritchard, Katherine Weare,
Ellie Darvill, Brian McCardie, Raymond Coulthard, Amanda Root,
Keiron Self, Abbie Andrews, Charlie Clements, Philip Bretherton
Director Alison Hindell
56:27, 52813, S
Joseph Stalin: The Last Bolshevik
Brian McCardie, Abbie Andrews, Rosie Boore, Danny Sapani,
Samuel James, Kenneth Collard, Philip Bretherton, Neil McCaul,
Charlie Clements, David Reakes, Isabella Inchbald, Adam Fitzgerald
Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko
56:37, 52967, S
The Shield and the Sword
Nicholas Murchie, Hattie Morahan, Peter Wight, Finn Monteath,
Rupert Holliday Evans, Isabella Inchbald, Ellie Darvill, Charlie
Clements, Philip Bretherton, Neil McCaul, Gary Duncan, Adam
Fitzgerald, Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong, David Reakes

Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko
56:33, 52914, S

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Date Title Cast Parameters