Chemistry and Chemical Engineering/Manufacturing

Last Edited: 25-Apr-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title Cast Parameters
Elements of Surprise
  1. Mercury, the Story of Quicksilver
  2. Carbon
  3. Nickel
  4. Oxygen
Adam Hart-Davis
Reader: Crawford Logan
27:09, 6365, m
27:10, 6368, m
27:13, 6380, m
27:30, 6449, m
Tripping the Light Fantastic
Ian Peacock
produced by Adrian Washbourn
28:06, 6588, m
Bhopal – An Accident Waiting to Happen?
Mark Tully
Produced by Sarah Luthwaite
28:27, 26674, S
Gold -- Scottish Gold
Hermione Cockburn
Produced by Amanda Hargreaves
28:02, 26284, S
Periodic Tales

Krypton – Helium – Silver – Cobalt – Selenium
– Oxygen – Arsenic – Mercury –Iodine – Nickel
Heidli Nicklaus, Brian Perkins, Trevor Harrison, Carole Boyd
Omnibus of all episodes
14:29, 6794, m
07-Nov-2005 to
The Periodic Table – 200th anniversary
  1. Hydrogen
  2. Phosphorus
  3. Potassium
  4. Gold
  5. Carbon
Chris Addison
Readings by Andrew Sachs
Produced by Vicki Shepherd, Eve Streater
14:12, 13327, S
14:09, 13281, S
13:54, 13033, S
13:59, 13121, S
13:52, 13013, S
The Greening of Chemistry
Gerry Northam
Produced by Helen Sharpe
37:21, 35032, S
The Future’s Plastic!
  1. The Birth of Plastic
  2. The Plastic Age
Richard Hollingham
Produced by Martin Redfern
27:59, 26240, S
28:01, 26269, S
The Isomers Have It
Sue Nelson
Produced by Hele Sharpe
27:45, 26027, S
Fantastic Fabrics, Ripping Yarns
Vanessa Collingridge
Produced by Sam Thom
28:07, 26373, S
Thomas Midgley: a Cautionary Tale
Hermione Cockburn
Produced by Mike Holley
28:17, 26527, S
The Great Carbon Bazaar --
Carbon Trading
Mark Gregory
David Edmonds
27:56, 26203, S
Scourge of the Lead Industry --
Clair Patterson
Hermione Cockburn
Produced by Mike Halley
28:37, 26830, S
08-Dec-2008 Behind the Scenes with Carbon Dioxide
Chris Rapley
dramatizations by G  W Fraser
performed by Crawford Logan
directed by Louise Dyall
28:10, 26407, S
11-Feb-2010 Out of This World
the dwindling supplies of a host of
important metals
Mark Miodownik
produced byBrian King
27:58, 26225, S
25-Aug-2010 Frontiers
Graphene - the new wonder material
Roland Pease  
27:58, 26226, S
12-Apr-2011 The Chemist of Life and Death
Chris Bowlby, Natalie Morton
27:35, 25866, S
25-Nov-2011 Spooklights
Andrea Sella
produced by Roland Pease
27:53, 26092, S
01-Aug-2012 Whatever Happened to the Chemistry Set?
Kat Arney
Producer: Julian Mayers
27:48, 26020, S
Riding the Graphene Wave
Gerry Northam
Producer: Philip Reevell
27:39, 25879, S
25-Apr-2017 to
In Their Element
  1. Mercury - Chemistry's Jekyll and
  2. Oxygen - The Breath of Life

  1. Andrea Sella

, S