Walker, Nick

Last Edited: 26-Jul-2014 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title Cast Parameters
This Reporter Read by Michael Feast
Produced by Gaynor McFarlane
13:54, 6517, m
05-Aug-2005 Propaganda Airways Read by Kerry Shale
Produced by Lisa Osborne
13:11, 6187, m
05-Oct-2007 The First King of Mars Read by Peter Capaldi
Produced by Lisa Osborne
13:49, 12954, S
The Further Adventures of the
First King of Mars
read by Peter Capaldi
Producer Karen Rose
13:09, 12343, S
13:56, 13069, S
13:41, 12834, S
13:21, 12523, S
13:38, 12784, S
21-Sep-2010 to
The Revenge of the
First King of Mars
  1. Fear and Dread
  2. The Prodigal Dog
  3. Saint Crispin's Day
read by Dave Lamb
Producer Karen Rose
13:33, 12706, S
13:24, 12575, S
13:25, 12580, S
13-Nov-2007 Messages to a Submariner Laurence Saunders, Harry Myers, Emma Pallant,
Deborah McAndrew, Ben Onwukwe
Music by Derek Nisbet; Accordion played by Karen Street
Producer/director Kate Chapman
43:09, 40456, S
12-Aug-2009 Arnold in A Purple Haze
Read by Conleth Hill
produced by Cherry Cookson
14:01, 13151, S
26-Apr-2010 Lifecoach
Nicola Walker, Stephen Tompkinson, Patrice Naiambana, Paul
Panting, Caroline Nichols
Directed and Produced by Karen Rose
44:07, 41360, S
17-May-2011 Dig Yourself
read by Sarah Hadland
Producer: Jeremy Osborne
13:17, 12455, S
23-Sep-2012 The Indivisible
Read by Hattie Morahan
Produced by: Jeremy Osborne
13:19, 12464, S
31-Dec-2012 Stormchasers
Clare Louise Connolly, Natasha Joseph, Dave Lamb, Jim
North, Wahab Sheik, Richard Webb, Paul Warwick
Written and produced by Nick Walker
Directed by Paul Warwick
43:47, 40972, S

Annika Stranded
  1. A Body of Water
  2. Deep Six
  3. An Echo
  4. Into the Ice
  5. Sub Zero
  6. All Human Life
Reader: Nicola Walker
Sound Design: Jon Calver
Producer: Jeremy Osborne
13:38, 12770, S
13:47, 12914, S
13:40, 12798, S

13:55, 13035, S
13:39, 12778, S
13:58, 16361, S

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