Spark, Muriel

Last Edited: 30-Aug-2018 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title Cast Parameters
Memento Mori Geoffrey Whitehead, Marcia Warren, Prunella Scales, Elizabeth
Spriggs, Windsor Davies, Thelma Barlow, Trevor Martin, John
Rowe, Frances Jeater, Tracy Wiles, Thomas Wheatley, Anthony
Glennon, Kim Wall
dramatised by Diana Griffiths
Director Pauline Harris
56:57, 53396, S
57:06. 53538, S
16-Nov-2006 Bang Bang You're Dead Adjoa Andoh, Emma Currie,
Mark McDonnell, Lucy Paterson, Nick Underwood
dramatised by Gowan Calder
Director David Ian Neville
13:46, 12910, S
21-Jan-2013 to
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
read by Gerda Stevenson
The abridger is Sally Marmion
The producer is Di Speirs
13:47, 12908, S
13:48, 12928, S
13:47, 12911, S
13:43, 12844, S
13:52, 12987, S
29-Dec-2014 to
The Girls of Slender Means
  1. All the Nice People Were Poor
  2. This Marvellous Dress
  3. It's Just a Girls' Hostel
  4. Let Them Enjoy Themselves
    while They're Young
  5. It Was All a Question of Time
reader Emilia Fox
Abridger    Sally Marmion
Producer    Justine Willett
13:44, 12857, S
13:44, 12863, S
13:46, 12896, S
13:31, 12658, S
13:48, 12916, S
The Girls of Slender Means
Amanda Root, Joanna Monro, Abigail Docherty, Christopher
Wright, Charles Simpson, Jack Ellis, Caroline Strong, Frances
Jeater, Richenda Carey, Geoffrey Whitehead, Eleanor Bron,
Sarah-Jane Holm, Emma Fielding
adapted for radio by Colin Davis
Director: Marion Nancarrow
56:51, 79950, S

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Date Title Cast Parameters