Saki (Hector Hugh Munro)

Last Edited: 15-Aug-2018 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.



Benjamin Whitrow, John Warnaby, Irene Macdougall,
Candida Benson, Joanna Tope, Michael Mackenzie
dramatised by Sue Eckstein
Director Bruce Young

43:25,40712, S

02-May-2005 to
Claw Marks on the Curtain
  1. The Lumber Room
  2. The Schartz-Metterklume Method 
  3. Fur
  4. The Toys of Peace
  5. The Open Window
Susan Engel, Ben Tibber, Alex Tregear, Jennie
Stoller, Jemma Churchill, Philip Fox, Timothy
Morand, Emily Wachter, Helen Longworth, Lydia
Leonard, Bertie Carvel, Alex Tregear, Anthony
Calf, Beth Chalmers, Ben Tibber, Anton Rice,
Paul Brooke, Emily Chenery, Joanna McCullum,
Susan Jameson, Michael Kilgariff
Dramatized by Roger Davenport
Directed by Ned Chaillet
14:02, 13160, S
14:01, 13157, S
14:06, 13230, S
14:01, 13156, S
14:07, 13239, S
The Occasional Garden

Read by Penelope Keith
Produced by Jill Waters
12:23, 5809, m
The Late Alfred Hitchcock Presents -
Sredni Vashtar
Michael Roberts
produced by Frank Sterling
14:11, 13299, S
13-Jun-2011 to
Beasts on the Lawn: Saki 2011
  1. Tobermory
  2. The Interlopers
  3. Sredni Vashtar
  4. Gabriel Ernest
  5. Mrs Packletide's Tiger
  1. Pippa Haywood, Nick Mohammed, Alan Coveney,
    Dolly Wells, Ed Weeks, Jennifer Lee Jellicorse,
    David Collins, Paul Dodgson
  2. Pippa Haywood, Barbara Flynn, John Sessions,
    Malcolm Hamilton
  3. Pippa Haywood, Rupert Vansittart, Olly Bell,
    Malcolm Hamilton, Amy Clifton
  4. Pippa Haywood, Carl Prekopp, Ed Weeks, Dolly
    Wells, Malcolm Hamilton
  5. Pippa Haywood, Marcia Warren,
    Jennifer Lee Jellicorse
Adapted by Sean Grundy
Director: Alison Crawford
13:36, 12767, S
13:57, 13091, S
13:56, 13065, S
13:33, 12706, S
14:01, 13154, S
The She Wolf
Read by Maureen Beattie
Produced by Allegra McIlroy
13:38, 12772, S
The Music on the Hill
Read by Francesca Dymond
Produced by Allegra McIlroy
13:46, 12885, S
The Seventh Pullet
Read by Richard Greenwood
Produced by Allegra McIlroy
13:35, 12724, S

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