Purcell, Jane

Last Edited: 12-Nov-2012 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title Cast Parameters

09-Jan-2006 to

Cooking for Michael Collins

Sorcha Cusack, Niamh Cusack, Catherine Cusack, Jane Purcell, Joanna
David, Colleen Prendergast, Kate Binchy, Norette Leahy, Finbar Lynch,
Dermot Crowley, David Thorpe, Jonathan Keeble, Ben Crowe, John
Burke, Martin Maynard, John Strickland
Director Chris Wallis

13:34, 12720, S
13:46, 12918, S
13:46, 12914, S
13:39, 12799, S
14:11, 13310, S


Beryl du Jour

Sharon Duce, Alison Dowling, Ann Beach, Mia Soteriou, Brian
Capron, Ben Crowe, Peter Forbes, Roger Sloman
Director Chris Wallis

44:00, 41259, S

23-Jul-2007 to

43 Years in the Third Form

Alison Pettitt, Natalie Taylor, Patrick Harper, Jenny Lee, Ben
Crowe, Stephen Critchlow, Colleen Prendergast, Jenny Veal, Mia Soteriou,
Alexandra Knapp, Catherine Harvey, Georgina Osen, Dani Acors, Pax
Baldwin, Nick Sayce, Johnny Weldon, Jane Purcell, Catherine Harvey,
Margaux Stones, Sharon Duce, Jenny Lee, Saskia Strallen, Alexandra Knapp
Director Chris Wallis

13:58, 13109, S
13:56, 13076, S
14:10, 13282, S
13:51, 12998, S
13:43, 12861, S


The Eggy Doylers

Ralph Ineson, Lydia Leonard, Joseph Drake, Amaka Okafor,
Louise Brealey, Alex Lanipekun, Sam Alexander, Robert Blythe,
Guy Rudin, Joe Sims
Producer/Director Jonquil Panting

43:42, 40892, S
05-Nov-2012 to

The Righteous Sisters

Liza Sadovy, Susie Riddell, Carolyn Pickles, Tom Frederic,
Robert Blythe, Ben Crowe, Eleanor Crooks, James Lailey,
Stephanie Racine, Katherine Pearce, Mark Edel-Hunt, Audrey Schoellhammer,
Lizzy Watts, Sarah Thom, Adam Nagaitis
Director Jonquil Panting

13:49, 12943, S
13:44, 12859, S
13:44, 12867, S
13:44, 12863, S
13:50, 12947, S

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