Powell, Anthony

Last Edited: 11-Jun-2018 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

05-Dec-2005 to
From a View to a Death
Read by Sir Derek Jacobi
Produced and abridged by Jane Marshall
13:57, 6543, m
14:00, 6565, m
13:59, 6562, m
13:56, 6536, m
14:04, 6595, m
14:01, 6578, m
13:59, 6556, m
13:58, 6551, m
14:00, 6571, m
14:00, 6568, m
06-Apr-2008 to
A Dance to the Music of Time
  1. Sex
  2. Friends
  3. Marriage
  4. War
  5. Peace
  6. Last Dance
Corin Redgrave, Anthony Hoskyns , Tom McHugh, David Oakes,
Jolyon Coy, Dag Soerlie, Christian Rubeck, Paul Brooke, Julian
Kerridge, Carolyn Pickles, Emma Powell, Abigail Hollick, Alex
Jennings, Mark Heap, Ronan Vibert, Timothy Watson, Jonathan
Keeble, Abigail Cruttenden, Heather Tracy, Zoe Waites, Malcolm
Sinclair, Hamish Clark, Lucy Cohu, Martyn Ellis, Steffan Rhodri,
Felicity Rhys, Susannah Harker, Maria Miles, Nathan Osgood,
Danny Webb, Sara Kestelman, Anthony Howell, Kika Markham,
Eben Young, Jane Stanton
Dramatised by Michael Butt
Producer/director John Taylor
56:11, 52688, S
56:16, 52767, S
56:11, 52686, S
56:12, 52694, S
56:17, 52782, S
56:58, 53421, S

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Date Title Cast Parameters
04-Dec-2005  Dancing to the Music of His Time   Steve Jones
Readings by Jamie Glover
Produced by  Thomas Morris
28:04, 26323, S