McDermid, Val

Last Edited: 19-Mar-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Broadcast R7
Clean Break

Charlotte Coleman, John Lloyd Fillingham, Noreen Kirshaw,
Joseph Jones, Jeff Hinslef, Rob Picavent, Martin Reeve,
Katherine Hunt
Directed by Melanie Harris
57:10, 53609, S
Broadcast R4:
The Distant Echo

Jimmy Chisholm, John Paul Hurley, Steven Cartwright, Michael
Nardone, Matthew Pidgeon, Crawford Logan, Simon Donaldson,
Claire Knight, Kirsten Murray, Gayanne Potter
Dramatised for radio by Bert Coules
Directed by Lou Kemp
56:44, 53194, S
22-Aug-2011 to
Village SOS
Helen Baxendale, David Seddon, Liz Sutherland, Antony Byrne,
Elaine Claxton, Adrian Grove, Rachel Bavidge, Christian Rodska,
Shaun Prendergast, Lynn Fairbairn, Bill Fellows
Producer / Director ..... Fiona Kelcher
13:45, 12872, S
13:48, 12929, S
13:40, 12798, S
13:29, 12627, S
13:28, 12604, S
I Remember Yesterday
Read by Hannah Donaldson
Producer: Allegra McIlroy
13:32, 12672, S
09-Jun-2014 to
Julie Hesmondhalgh, John Hollingworth, Miriam Margolyes,
Jonathan Keeble, Alan Rothwell, Victoria Brazier
Directed and Produced by Justine Potter
13:40, 12795, S
13:45, 12874, S
13:45, 12884, S
13:38, 12767, S
14:13, 13319, S
06-Jul-2015 to
Dead Clever
Julie Hesmondhalgh, John Hollingworth, Jane Hazlegrove,
Jonathan Keeble, Helen Kay, Gemma North, Nitin Kundra,
Miriam Margolyes
Directed and Produced by Justine Potter
13:35, 12723, S
13:29, 12624, S
13:43, 12841, S
13:44, 12860, S
14:05, 13181, S
10-Nov-2014 to
Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime
Read by Val McDermid
Abridged by Sian Preece
Produced by Allegra McIlroy
13:41, 12810, S
13:50, 12947, S
13:36, 12732, S
13:26, 12579, S
12:54, 12088, S
Gina McKee, Jason Done, Nitin Kundra, Angela Lonsdale,
Henry Devas, Ashley Margolis, Verity-May Henry,
Jonathan Keeble, Chetna Pandya, Emily Pithon, Conrad Nelson,
Malcolm Raeburn
Directed by Susan Roberts
43:45, 40930, S
43:33, 40747, S
43:45, 40934, S

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