Kuti, Elizabeth

Last Edited: 24-Feb-2015 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

The Glasswright
Tim McInnerny, Amy Marston, Nickolas Grace, Robert Price,
Jasmine Hyde
Directed by Eoin O'Callaghan
44:07, 41360, S
May Child
Patricia Routledge, Emily Fleeshman, Roy Hudd
Producer/director Tanya Nash
43:53, 41145, S
12-Jan-2009 to
Dear Mr Spectator
Benjamin Whitrow, Richard Lumsden, Amy Marston, Sam Troughton,
Samuel Barnett, Miche Doherty, Richard Dormer, Mark Lambert,
Chris Mchallem, Fo Cullen, Sarah Kants, Emma Bolger,
Daniel Walsh, Laura Conway
Producer/director Heather Larmour
13:50, 12974, S
13:49, 12954, S
13:49, 12963, S
13:50, 12984, S
14:12, 13378, S
12-May-2009 That Door
Read by Eleanor Bron
produced by Heather Larmour
14:08, 13252, S
16-Aug-2010 to
Dear Mr Spectator, series 2
Benjamin Whitrow, Bryan Dick, David Schofield, Christina Cole,
Jemma Redgrave, Claire Rushbrook, Sam Dale, Stella McCusker,
David Revels, Seainin Brennan, Niall Cusack, Paul Kennedy,
Marty Maguire, Charlie Niblock-Hamill
Producer/director Heather Larmour
13:48, 12940, S
13:47, 12936, S
13:49, 12954, S
13:49, 12964, S
14:10, 13283, S
Strandgade 30
Reader Trine Garrett
Producer Heather Larmour
13:54, 13011, S

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