Greene, Graham (1901-1991)

Last Edited: 23-Aug-2016 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

03-Oct-2005 to
No Man’s Land
Read by Anton Lesser
Abridged by Andrew Simpson
Produced by Duncan Minshull
13:49, 6477, m
13:58, 6550, m
14:06, 6613, m
13:59, 6560, m
14:04, 6600, m
04-Jun-2007 to
Travels with My Aunt

read by Robert Glenister and Anna Massey
abridged by Fiona McAlpine
Producer/director Clive Brill
13:56, 13065, S
13:57, 13084, S
14:00, 13131, S
14:08, 13252, S
14:10, 13285, S
13:59, 13118, S
14:00, 13126, S
13:56, 13072, S
14:04, 13197, S
14:01, 13152, S
A Shocking Incident

read by Jill Balcon 
Director Martin Jenkins
13:44, 12876, S
The Ministry of Fear
Michael Feast, James Nickerson, Fiona Clarke, Anne Rye, David
Fleeshman, Maggie Fox, Sue Ryding, Malcom Raeburn, Stuart
Richman, Lloyd Peters
dramatised by Sean O'Brien
Producer/director Gary Brown
56:58, 53410, S
57:11, 53616, S
The Honorary Consul

Geoffrey Streatfeild, Matthew Marsh, Stefano Braschi, Martin
Marquez, Beatriz Romilly, Ewan Bailey, Chris Pavlo, Sean Baker,
Brian Protheroe, Rebecca Hamilton, Yolanda Vazquez,
George Watkins
dramatised for radio by Nick Warburton
Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting
56:44, 53080, S
56:46, 53099, S
The Power and the Glory
Stephen Rea, Hugo Speer, Danny Sapani, James Lailey, Brian
Protheroe, Milo Parker, Nicola Ferguson, Sean Baker, Adie Allen,
Elizabeth Bennett, Nick Underwood, Kirsty Oswald, Jason
Barnett, Amy Jayne
dramatised by Nick Warburton
Directed by Emma Harding
56:56, 53265, S
57:00, 53327, S
27-Jun-2016 to
The Third Man
  1. Heard of Harry Lime?
  2. Everybody's in a Racket
  3. I'd Like to Hear Him Squeal
  4. Do You Believe in Ghosts?
  5. Bloody Fool
Reader: Samuel West
Abridger: Richard Hamilton
Producer: Justine Willett
13:34, 12712, S
13:41, 12806, S
13:40, 12803, S
13:48, 12916, S
13:41, 12806, S
08-Aug-2016 to
Monsignor Quixote
Bernard Cribbins, Philip Jackson, Susan Jameson, Sean Baker,
Brian Protheroe, Nick Underwood, James Lailey, Sam Rix,
Sean Baker, Tom Forrister, Jason Barnett
Dramatised by Stephen Wyatt
Director Marc Beeby
13:43, 12839, S
13:44, 12864, S
13:36, 12737, S
13:42, 12826, S
13:30, 12640, S
13:39, 12774, S
13:42, 12832, S
13:44, 12854, S
13:25, 12562, S
13:24, 12544, S
The Confidential Agent
Alun Raglan, Flora Spencer-Longhurst, John Dougall, Jot Davies,
John Bowler, Keziah Joseph, Karen Bartke, Nick Murchie,
Stefano Braschi, David Sterne, Natasha Cowley, Luke MacGregor,
Stephen Critchlow, Ian Conningham, John Dougall, Gavi Singh Chera
Dramatised by Nick Perry
Directed by Sally Avens
56:46, 53108, S
56:46, 53105, S

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Date Title Cast Parameters
02-Jun-2009  Vienna and the Shadow of The Third Man -
Graham Greene's Vienna
Brigitte Timmermann
produced by Ellen O'Dowell
27:37, 25895, S