Fleming, Ian

Last Edited: 12-Dec-2016 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recordings are good unless otherwise indicated.

Dr No
John Standing , Janie Dee, Toby Stephens, Peter Capaldi, Nicky
Henson, Leigh Wright, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Clarke Peters,
Kosha Engler, Samuel West, Jordanna Tin, Lucy Fleming, Lisa
Dillon, Jon David Yu, David Suchet, Simon Williams, Martin Jarvis
dramatised by Hugh Whitemore
Music by Mark Holden and Samuel Barbour
producer Rosalind Ayres; director Martin Jarvis
87:09, 81708, S
Read by Martin Jarvis
Directed by Rosalind Ayres
14:04, 13189, S
Radio 7:
27-Oct-2008 to
Casino Royale
Read by Alex Jennings
Produced by Dy Speirs
27:01, 25345, S
26:54, 25229, S
26:58, 25295, S
26:57, 25269, S
27:09, 25467, S
Radio 7:
You Only Live Twice
Michael Jayston, Clive Merrison, James Laurenceson, David
King, Saiyo Inaba, Burt Kwok, Maxine Audley, Ronalrd Herdman,
Michael Turner, Danielle Alleyn, Emma Gregory, Tara Dominic,
Mark Straker
dramatised and directed by Michael Bakewell

86:56, 81510, S
03-Apr-2010 Goldfinger
Ian McKellen, Toby Stephens, John Standing., Ian Ogilvy,
Rosamund Pike, Lisa Dillon, Henry Goodman, Alistair McGowan,
Hector Elizondo, Anna Louise Plowman, Tim Pigott-Smith, Tom
Hollander, Lloyd Owen, Nigel Anthony, Jon David Yu, Alan
Shearman, Matthew Wolf, Martin Jarvis, Kyle Stoller, Tracy Pattin
Dramatised by Archie Scottney
Music composed by Mark Holden and Sam Barbour
Director Martin Jarvis. Producer Rosalind Ayres
87:06, 81659, S
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Imogen Stubbs, Alex Jennings, Bertie Gilbert, Kerry Ingram,
David Fleeshman, Eric Popps
dramatised by Sherrie Ashworth
directed by Charlotte Riches
58:09, 54518, S

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang read by Andrew Sachs
12:20, 22607, S
8:06, 7641, S
10:43, 10091, S
8:41, 8193, S
9:31, 8966, S
13:09, 12379, S
14:54, 14014, S
12:04, 11360, S
8:25, 7940, S
10:35, 9968, S
16:27, 15472, S
10:27, 9843, S
21-Jul-2012 From Russia with Love
John Sessions, Mark Gatiss, Jon Glover, Eileen Atkins, Toby
Stephens, Aileen Mowat, John Standing, Janie Dee, Julian
Sands, Tim Pigott-Smith, Matthew Wolf, Olga Fedori, Micky
Stratford, Nathaniel Parker, Martin Jarvis
dramatised by Archie Scottney
Specially composed music by Mark Holden and Michael Lopez
Director: Martin Jarvis, Producer: Rosalind Ayres
89:16, 83506, S
On Her Majesty's Secret
Toby Stephens, Alfred Molina, Joanna Lumley, Alex Jennings,
Lisa Dillon, John Standing, Janie Dee, Lloyd Owen, Julian
Sands, Joanna Cassidy, Clare Dunne, Lucy Phelps, Katherine
Manners, Hannah Donaldson, John Hudson, Nigel Anthony,
Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Jon Glover, John Baddeley, Darren
Richardson, Matthew Wolf, Martin Jarvis
Dramatised by Archie Scottney
Director: Martin Jarvis
Producer: Rosalind Ayres
86:49, 81268, S
Diamonds Are Forever
Toby Stephens, John Standing, Nigel Havers, Alan Shearman,
Lisa Dillon, Alex Jennings, Josh Stamberg, Stacy Keach, Jared
Harris, Kevin Daniels, Andre Sogliuzzo, Darren Richardson,
Matthew Wolf, Martin Jarvis
Dramatised by Archie Scottney
Director: Martin Jarvis
Producer: Rosalind Ayres

86:28, 80891, S
17-Nov-2006 to
James Bond Short Stories
  1. The Living Daylights
  2. The Living Daylights
  3. From A View to a Kill
  4. From A View to a Kill
  5. The Property of a Lady 
  6. The Property of a Lady
  7. For Your Eyes Only
  8. For Your Eyes Only
Damian Lewis
14:00, 19722, S
14:29, 20389, S
14:27, 20338, S
14:41, 20687, S
14:17, 20122, S
14:25, 20292, S
14:41, 20682, S
15:06, 21274, S
Ian Fleming's Thrilling Cities
  1. Hong Kong
  2. Tokyo
  3. Chicago and New York
Read by Simon Williams
Abridged by Mark Burgess
Produced by David Blount
13:39, 12786, S
13:47, 12913, S
13:39, 12786, S
Toby Stephens, Tom Conti, Alfred Molina, Janet Montgomery,
John Sessions, Lisa Dillon, James Callis, Josh Stamberg, Ian
Ogilvy, John Standing, Janie Dee, Julian Sands, Nigel Lindsay,
Matthew Wolf, Alan Shearman, Darren Richardson, Aaron Lyons,
Simon de Deney, Martin Jarvis
Dramatised by Archie Scottney
Director: Martin Jarvis
Producer: Rosalind Ayres
87:00, 81388, S

Documentaries and Collateral Material
The Bond Correspondence
Lucy Fleming, Roger Moore, Jane Whittenshaw, David Holt,
Rose Grimond
Produced by Lucy Greenwell
28:20, 26569, S
James Bond, The Last Englishman
David Cannadine
Produced by Susan Marling
28:01, 26268, S