Drama and Readings (C)

Last Edited: 28-Aug-2017
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Cadbury, Deborah
Cadbury, Helen
Cadwalladr, Carole
Cafolla, Terry
Cahill, Tim
Cain, James M
Cain, Paul

Calcutt, David
Calder, Gowan
Calder, Patricia
Caldwell, Lucy
Calman, Mel
Calman, Stephanie
Calman, Susan
Calmet, Antoine Augustin
Cambridge, Ada
Camden, Steven
Cameron, Donna
Cameron, James
Cameron, Richard
Campbell, Alexandra
Campbell, Angus Graham
Campbell, Barry
Campbell, Donald
Campbell, Karen
Campbell, Michael
Camus, Albert
Cann, Peter
Canning, Victor
Cannon, John
Canter, Jon
Capek, Karel
Capote, Truman
Carberry, Colin
Card, Orson Scott
Carey, James
Carey, John
Carey, Marianne
Carey, Mark
Cargill, Neil
Carle, Eric
Carlton, Stephen
Carnegie, Dale
Carpenter, Humphrey
Carr, Alison
Carr, Camilla
Carr, J L
Carr, John Dickson
Carr, Stewart
Carré, John le
Carroll, Lewis
Carroll, Rory
Carson, Sean
Carson, Violet
Carter, Angela
Carter, Diana
Carter, Paul
Carter, Philip Youngman
Carthy, Eliza
Cartland, Barbara
Cartwright, Anthony
Cartwright, Jim
Cartwright, Justin
Cartwright, Sarah
Cartwright, Stella
Carver, Raymond
Carvic, Heron
Carville, Daragh
Cary, James
Casanova, Giacomo
Casona, Alejandro
Casserly, Niall
Cassidy, Jane
Casswell, Dann
Castans, Raymond
Castell, Rob
Castro, Ruy
Catesby, Deborah
Catherine, Lucy
Catley, Mark

Caulfield, Anne
Causley, Charles
Cavafy, C P
Cecil, Henry
Celan, Paul

Cervantes, Miguel
Chabon, Michael
Chadwick, Ann
Chakrabarti, Lolita
Chambers, Janys
Chambers, Julius
Chambers, Steve
Chan, Jasmine
Chand, Peter

Chandler, Bertram
Chandler, Raymond
Chang, Jung
Chapel, David
Chaplin, Michael
Chaplin, Sid
Chapman, B D
Chappell, Andrew
Chappell, In-Sook
Charde, Sharon
Chariandy, David

Charles, Janet Skeslien
Charman, Matt
Charni, Rachida el
Charteris, Leslie
Chatwin, Bruce
Chaucer, Geoffrey
Cheek, Mavis
Cheever, John
Chekhov, Anton
Chen, Anna
Cherry, Scott
Cherry-Garrard, Apsley
Cheryl, Gwen
Chesterton, Gilbert Keith
Chetty, Nalini

Chevalier, Tracy
Cheyney, Peter
Chiang, Ted
Chikwava, Brian
Childers, Erskine
Chillery, Leah
Chilton, Charles
Chinn, Jimmie
Chopin, Kate
Choudhury, Nazrin
Chowdry, Maya
Christie, Agatha

Christie, Bridget
Christie, Dorothy & Campbell
Christopher, John
Chua, Amy
Churchill, Caryl
Churchill, Winston
Citron, Lana
Claire, Regi
Clanchy, Kate
Clapp, Susannah
Clare, Horatio
Clare, John
Clark, Alan
Clark, Brian
Clark, Candida
Clark, Colin
Clark, Douglas
Clark, Jaden
Clark, Rhodri
Clark, Tim
Clarke, Angela
Clarke, Arthur C
Clarke, Catrin
Clarke, Gillian
Clarke, John Cooper
Clarke, Lindsay
Clarke, Mary C
Clarke, Roy
Clarke, Susanna
Clarkson, Wensley
Cleary, Jon

Cleeves, Ann
Clegg, David
Cleghorne, Vincent
Clemens, Jonathan
Clement, Dick
Clement, Jennifer
Cline, Sally
Clink, Alison
Clive, Mary
Clohessy, Helen
Clouston, J. Storer
Coake, Christopher
Cobb, Humphrey
Cobbing, Bob
Cochrane, Steve
Cockburn, Henry
Cockburn, Patrick
Cocteau, Jean
Cody, Liza
Coe, Jonathan
Coelho, Paulo
Coghlan, Lin
Cohen, Richard
Cole, Catherine
Cole, John
Cole, Martina
Cole, Stephen
Colegate, Isabel

Coleman, Nick
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Colfer, Eoin
Colin, Beatrice
Collard, Teresa
Collier, John
Collins, Max Allan
Collins, Merle
Collins, Mick
Collins, Paul
Collins, Wilkie
Collodi, Carlo
Colville, John
Comyns, Barbara
Conan Doyle, Arthur
Conlon, Mark
Conn, Stewart
Connaughton, Shane
Connell, John
Connelly, Charlie
Connolly, Frances
Connolly, John
Connolly, Maria
Connolly, Ray
Connolly, Tom
Connor, Bill
Connor, Philip
Connor, Rachel
Conrad, Christine
Conrad, Joseph
Constantine, David
Cook, Christopher
Cook, David
Cooke, Alistair
Cooke, Judy
Cooke, Sophie
Cooklin, Shirley
Cookson, Catherine
Coombes, Matthew
Coombes, Steve
Cooper, Artemis
Cooper, Diana
Cooper, Giles
Cooper, Helen
Cooper, James Fenimore
Cooper, John
Cooper, Robin
Cooper, William
Copley, Paul
Copp, Basil
Coppard, A E
Copus, Julia
Corbett, Ronnie
Corbett, W J
Corkin, Suzanne
Coren, Alan
Cornall, Jan

Corneille, Pierre
Cornell, Paul
Corner, Eric
Cornish, Peter
Cornwell, Hugh
Corris, Peter
Cortese, Raimondo
Cory, Charlotte
Costa, Bernard da
Costa, Suneeta Peres da
Costello, Elvis
Costello, Hugh
Costello, Mary
Cotter, Paul
Coules, Bert

Coult, Tony
Courtauld, Sarah
Courtenay, Aidan
Courtney, Tom
Couttie, Bob
Cove, Michael
Coveney, Michael
Coverack, Jenny
Coward, Noel
Cox, Josephine
Crabbe, George
Crabbe, Kerry Lee
Crace, Jim
Cracknell, Linda
Craig, Amanda
Craig, L A
Craig, Ryan
Crane, Roger
Crane, Stephen

Crawford, Marion
Crawford , Michael
Crawford, Robert
Crea, Teresa
Creasey, John
Creedon, Conal
Cribb, Reg

Crilly, Joseph
Crispin, Edmund
Croft-Cooke, Rupert
Crogan, Alison
Crompton, Ben
Crompton, Richmal
Cronin, A J
Cronin, Maggie
Cropper, Anthony
Cross, Charles R
Cross, Helen
Crossley-Holland, Kevin
Crouch, Tim
Crowe, E V
Crowe, Thomas
Crowther, Simon
Crumlish, Morven
Cryer, Barry
Cullen, Alma
Cullen, Ian
Cullen, Jonathan
Cumming, Alan
cummings, e e
Cumper, Pat
Cunningham, Laura Shain
Cunningham, Paula
Curry, Chris
Curry, Jennifer
Curteis, Ian
Cusick, James
Cusk, Rachel
Cutler, Mary
Cyrill, Christopher

Czanik, Mark
Czerkawska, Catherine

Campion, Albert
Carrados, Max

Charlie Chan (US and Australia)
Colonel Clay

Cabin B-13 (US) mystery series
Cadbury Time (Australia)
Call The Police (US) crime series
Calling All Detectives (US) detective series with quiz segment
Caltex Theatre (Australia) anthology
Campbell Playhouse (US) anthology
Candy Matson (US) female detective series
Captain Midnight (US) juvenile adventure serial
Carling Country (South African) anthology
Carolyn Day - Detective (US) detective, soap opera
Case Dismissed (US) legal drama
Casebook of Gregory Hood (US) detective series
Cases of Mr Ace, The (US) detective series
Casey, Crime Photographer (US) detective series
Cash Cows
Cattleman (Australia) "western" series
Cavalcade of America (US) anthology
Caves of Steel
CBC Mystery Theater (Canadian) mystery anthology
CBC Mystery Project (Canadian) mystery anthology
CBS Radio Mystery Theater (US) mystery anthology
CBS Radio Workshop (US) anthology
Challenge of the Yukon (US) western series
Chandu the Magician (US) adventure series
Chick Carter, Boy Detective (US) juvenile detective series
Children’s Hour (BBC) children's literature anthology
Christopher London, The Adventures of (US) detective series
Chronicles of Ait
Cinnamon Bear, The (US) children's holiday serial
Cisco Kid, The (US) western series
City of Dreams

Classic Horror and Ghost Stories
Cloak and Dagger (US) spy series
Clyde Beatty Show, The (US) circus adventure series
Co-Star with ... (records) interactive drama recordings
Colin Doyle, Crime Doctor (US) crime series
Columbia Workshop (US) anthology
Commonwealth Stories (BBC) anthology
Consider Your Verdict (Austrian-South Africa) courtroom drama
Cornet Little Show (US) anthology??
Corsican Brothers, (Australia) adventure serial
Counterfeit (Australia) crime series?
Counterspy (US)
Couple Next Door, The (US) situation comedy
Crazy Dog Live (Ireland)
Creaking Door (South Africa)
Creeps By Night (US)
Crime and Peter Chambers (US)
Crime Cases of Warden Lawes (US)
Crime Classics (US)
Crime Correspondent (US)
Crime Doctor (US)
Crime On The Waterfront (US)
Crisis (US)
Crying in Public Places (Australian)
Curtain Time (US)