Dahl, Roald

Last Edited: 16-Jul-2016 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Fear On Four 1-2
William and Mary
Joss Ackland, Elizabeth Morgan, Alan Dudley, John Baddiley,
Edward deSouza
dramised by Jill Brooke
directed by Jerry Jones
28:38, 26852, S
Charlie and the Great Glass
Matthew Kelly, Chris Emmett, Josephine Tewson, James
Richard, Christopher Scott, Sunny Ormonde, Annie
Tobin, John Webb, Malcolm McKee, and Ian Brooker
Dramatised by Malcolm McKee
Directed by Sue Wilson
58:03, 54426, S
The Witches
Narrated by Toby Jones
Ryan Watson, Margaret Tyzack, Jordan Clarke,
Amanda Lawrence, Ben Onwukwe, Peter Marinker,
Rachel Atkins, Leanne Rowe
dramatised by Lucy Catherine
Director Claire Grove
57:08, 53570, S
56:43, 53186, S
Lenny Henry, Lauren Mote, Nichola McAuliffe, Claire
Rushbrook, John Biggins, Emerald O'Hanrahan, Kate
Layden, Ryan Watson, Joshua Swinney, Rhys
Jennings, Sinead Michael, Lizzy Watts, Bertie Gilbert
Dramatisation by Charlotte Jones
Directed by Claire Grove
56:51, 53283, S
56:57, 53403, S
21-Dec-2009 to
Someone Like You
  1. Man from the South
  2. Skin
  3. Lamb to the Slaughter
  4. Dip in the Pool
  5. Nunc Dimittis
  1. Charles Dance, Andrew Sachs, Danny Mahoney,
    Donnla Hughes, Rachel Atkins
  2. Charles Dance, John Evitts, Tom Bevan, Rob
    Heaps, Donnla Hughes, David Collings, Ian Masters
  3. Charles Dance, Lorelei King, Kerry Shale, Tom Bevan
  4. Charles Dance, John Baddeley, Rachel Atkins,
    Nicholas Boulton, Chris Stanton, Jean Trend
  5. Charles Dance, Sarah Badel, Jonathan Keeble,
    Katie Scarfe 
Dramatisation by Stephen Sheridan
Directed by David Blount
13:55, 13063, S
13:57, 13080, S
13:51, 12988, S
14:01, 13152, S
13:50, 12985, S
11-Apr-2011 to
Kiss, Kiss
  1. William And Mary
  2. Parson's Pleasure
  3. Royal Jelly
  4. Mrs Bixby and The Colonel's
  5. The Landlady
  1. Charles Dance, Celia Imrie, John Rowe, Nigel Anthony
  2. Charles Dance, Ronald Pickup, David Ryall, John
    Baddeley, Lucie Fitchett
  3. Charles Dance, Chris Emmett, Rachel Atkins
  4. Charles Dance, Lorelei King, Kerry Shale
  5. Charles Dance, Doreen Mantle, James Joyce, John Rowe
Dramatisation by Stephen Sheridan
Directed by David Blount
13:55, 13058, S
14:02, 13163, S
13:54, 13046, S
13:56, 13078, S
13:57, 13093, S
24-Dec-2012 to
A Little Twist of Dahl
  1. Taste
  2. The Way up to Heaven
  3. The Hitchhiker
  4. Edward the Conqueror
  5. Neck
  1. Charles Dance, Jonathan Hyde. Mark Heap, Rachel Atkins,
    Charlie Russell, Jean Trend
  2. Charles Dance, Kerry Shale, Lorelei King, Richard Attlee
  3. Charles Dance, Jonathan Keeble, Ken Cranham, Ben Crowe
  4. Charles Dance, Celia Imrie, Geoffrey Whitehead, Charles Ross
  5. Charles Dance, Jamie Glover, Chris Emmett, Katie Scarfe
    David Ryall, Mark Heap
Dramatisation by Stephen Sheridan
Directed by David Blount
13:51, 12968, S
13:26, 12581, S
13:45, 12881, S
13:56, 13041, S
13:44, 12868, S
Love from Boy -Roald Dahl's
Letters to His Mother
Readers Rory Kinnear and Donald Sturrock
Abridger Katrin Williams
Producer Duncan Minshull
12:47, 11956, S
13:08, 12304, S
13:38, 12760, S
13:11, 12349, S
13:48, 12924, S
Patrick Malahide, Tarkan Uzun, Isaac Rouse, Joanna Van Kampen,
Daniel Noel, Devon Ruckley, Adie Allen, Richard Nichols, Elizabeth
Bennett, Jason Barnett, Tom Forrister, Sam Rix, Kirsty Oswald,
Nick Underwood, James Lailey, Sean Baker
Dramatised by Lucy Catherine
Directed by Helen Perry
56:32, 52884, S
Going Solo
Patrick Malahide, John Heffernan, Joanna Van Kampen, Eric
Abrefa, Brian Protheroe, Clare Perkins, Elizabeth Bennett, Nick
Underwood, James Lailey, Tom Forrister, Sam Rix, Sean Baker,
Jason Barnett, Stuart McLoughlin, Kirsty Oswald
Dramatised by Lucy Catherine
Directed by Helen Perry
56:35, 52934, S
56:48, 53140, S
04-Jul-2016 to
Served with a Twist
  1. The Bookseller
  2. Poison
  3. My Lady Love, My Dove
  4. The Surgeon
  5. The Butler
  1. Charles Dance, Toby Jones, Celia Imrie, Jean Trend,
    Richard Attlee
  2. Charles Dance, Jonathan Keeble, Ben Crowe,
    Madhav Sharma
  3. Charles Dance, Penelope Keith, Richard O'Callaghan,
    Nicholas Boulton, Jaimi Barbakoff
  4. Charles Dance, Simon Williams, Emma Fielding, Sope Dirisu,
    Chris Stanton
  5. Charles Dance, Geoffrey Whitehead, Sarah Badel,
    Nickolas Grace, Nicholas Boulton
Dramatised by Stephen Sheridan
Director: David Blount
13:23, 12529, S
13:33, 12693, S
13:06, 12257, S
13:06, 12262, S
13:30, 12644, S

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Roald Dahl: A Gremlin in the Works
Gerald Scarfe
produced by Kenny Redmond
27:36, 25828, S

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