Cronin, A J

Last Edited: 14-Apr-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

See also Doctor Finlay's Casebook.

Date Title Cast Parameters
Publ. 1941
13-Mar-1994 to
The Keys of the Kingdom
Peter Kelly, James Beatty, Philip Sully, Elizabeth Proud, Tom Cotcher,
Jennifer Piercey, Miles Anderson, Debra McCallan, Jeremy Sinden,
Jodie McMillan, Spenser Banks, Malcolm Jamieson, Hilda Schroder,
David King, John Rye, Jo Dunlop, Bill McCabe,
Andrew Cotcher, Hanna Gordon, Bert Cook, David Yip,
Adrian Pang, Patricia Brake, Stacy Dorning, Orianne Messina,
Tim Godwin, Ed Bishop, Helen Horton, Choy Ling Mann,
Michael Deacon
Dramatised and directed by David Spenser
Produced by Victor Pemberton
57:19, 53738, S
57:34, 53970, S
56:45, 53209, S
57:04, 53516, S
Publ. 1937
02-Feb-1997 to
The Citadel James MacPherson, Kelly Hunter, Brinley Jenkins, Christine Pritchard,
Sue Jones-Davies, Struan Rodger, Matthew Morgan, Tim Wylton,
Melanie Walters, Russell Gomer, Sue Roderick, Ann Beach,
Gwyn Vaughan-Jones, Howell Evans, Stephen O'Reilly, Philip McGough,
Sharon Morgan, Rhodri Hugh, Stephen Thorne, Jeremi Cockram,
Hugh Dickson, Simon Armstrong, Amanda Gordon, Sean Baker,
Colleen Prendergast, Robert Harper, Ioan Meredith, Shirley Dixon,
Janet Maw, Dorien Thomas, Brinley Jenkins, Mark Bonnar,
Alice Arnold, Julie Meers 
Dramatised by Herbert Williams
Directed by Jane Morgan
Produced by Foz Allen
57:05, 53531, S
57:20, 53761, S
58:38, 54980, S
57:06, 53544, S
The Citadel Orson Welles, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Everett Sloane, Mary Taylor, Ray
Collins, Edgar Barrier, George Coulouris, Georgia Backus, Robert Coote
54:03, 12669, M

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Date Title Cast Parameters