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Last Edited: 09-Oct-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Broadcast R7:
Starry Eyes
Robin Weaver, Barry Foster, Tessa Worseley, Tilly Gaunt,
Harry Myers, Ben Crowe
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
45:22, 42541, S
10-Jun-2005 Seven Minutes to Midnight
Lucy Akhurst, Louisa Lytton, Michael Maloney, Rosie Wiggins,
Derek Riddell, Claire Rushbrook, Rebecca Callard,
Wendy Nottingham, Stephen Critchlow
Directed by Lucy Baldwyn
57:04,53507, S
The Goldilocks Zone
Nicola Walker, Stuart McQuarrie, Clemmie Hooton,
Johnny Thomas Davies, Shiv Grewal, Amelda Brown,
Carl Prekopp, Alice Hart, Harry Myers, Colleen Prendergast,
Susan Jameson
Directed by Mary Peate
57:21, 53768, S
10-Mar-2006 Voices from the Grave 4 -- Middlewitch
Elizabeth Morgan, Christian Paterson, Jenny Lindsay,
Sean Pritchard, Mvanwy Waring
Directed by Gemma Jenkins
28:15, 26503, S
31-Jan-2007 Beautiful Henry
Mark Danbury, Daniel Goode and Sally Orrock
Producer Paul Dodgson
13:45, 12906, S
Eleanor Crookes, Joe Simms, Adam Ngaitis, Ben Crowe
Directed by Gemma Jenkins
27:11, 25492, S
Riot Girls 1 --  Susan
Sarah Thom, Gerard McDermott, Harmonie Lloyd, Joshua
Vaughan, Susan Jameson, Katherine Jakeways, Ewan
Bailey, George Watkins, Katie Redford
Director Emma Harding
Producer Abigail le Fleming
43:29, 40681, S
Riot Girls 2 --  Emma
Sarah Smart, Sarah Thom, Chris Pavlo, Brian Protheroe,
Anil Goutam, Leo Wan, Ewan Bailey, Rebecca Hamilton
Director Emma Harding
Producer Abigail le Fleming
43:40, 40846, S
Riot Girls 3 --Katy
Lorna Nickson Brown, Sarah Smart, David Moorst, Susan
Jameson, Scarlett Brookes, Nicola Ferguson, Adie Allen,
Sargon Yelda, Sam Rix, Nick Underwood
Directed by Emma Harding
Produced by Abigail le Fleming
43:01, 40250, S
Lights, Camera, Kidnap!
Liz Sutherland, Paul Courtney Hyu, Leo Wan, Sarah Lam,
Wendy Kweh, Isabella Inchbald, Samuel James, Charlie
Clements, Gary Duncan, David Reakes, Ellie Darvill, David Yip,
Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong, Adam Fitzgerald, Abbie Andrews
Director Sasha Yevtushenko
43:43, 40988, S
43:27, 40658, S
02-Oct-2017 to
Gudrun's Saga, series 2
Kate Phillips, Samantha Dakin, Gavi Singh Chera, Rosie
Boore, Philip Fox, Kerry Gooderson, Finlay Robertson,
David Sturzaker, Samuel James, Tom Forrister, Simon Ludders
Produced and directed by Gemma Jenkins
69:11, 64726, S

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