Carr, John Dickson
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Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Gideon Fell
Broadcast R4:
The Mad Hatter Mystery
Donald Sinden, John Hartley, Edward Jewesbury, Peter Howell,
Roger Moss, Roger Hammond, John Baddiley, Anthony Jackson,
Sabina Franklin, Don McCorkindale, Prianga Elan
[dramatised by Peter Ling
Directed by Enyd Williams]
6687, 28:31, m
6581, 28:04, m
  Below Suspicion
Donald Sinden, John Hartley, James Fleet, Connie Walker,
Becky Hindley, Richenda Carey, Terence Edmond, Mark Holloway,
Christopher Brennan
dramatised by Peter Ling
Directed by Enyd Williams
9:14, 3793, m
9:29, 3894, m
8:41, 3563, m
8:51, 3632, m
7:58, 3274, m
7:47, 3193, m
7:35, 3112, m
  He Who Whispers
Donald Sinden, John Hartley, Christopher Kelham, Gemma Saunders,
Sarah Rice, Beth Chalmers, David Thorpe, Paul Gregory, […]
55:37, 13038, m
credits truncated
13-Sep-1997 The Hollow Man
Donald Sinden, John Hartley, Nigel Davenport, Chris Pavlo,
Ioan Meredith, Jilly Mears, Amanda Gordon, Hugh Dickson,
Steve Hodson, Sean Baker, Robert Harper, Stephen Thorne
Dramatized by Peter Ling
Directed by Enyd Williams
41:52, 39263, S
42:05, 40398, S
Gideon Fell - To Wake the Dead
  1. The Riddle of the Stone
  2. The Secret in the Stone
Donald Sinden, John Hartley, Richard Johnson, David Brooks, Wendy
Craig, John Rowe, Tracy Ann Oberman, Roger May, Hugh Dixon,
Sarah Rice, Ewan Thomas
Dramatized by Peter Ling
Directed by Enyd Williams
43:59, 41149, S
44:11, 41349, S
Gideon Fell -The Blind Barber
Donald Sinden, John Hartley, Patrick Allen, Clive Swift, Mark Lee,
Laura Baisley, David Bannerman, Christopher Wright, Duncan
Knowles, Josh Darcy
Dramatized by Peter Ling
Directed by Enyd Williams
43:08, 40358, S

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