Northeastern US in 2014 -- Ancestors, Descendants, and American History, page 7

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Greene County, PA    Harper's Ferry, WV    Baltimore and St. Michaels, MD    Williamsburg and Jamestown, VA    Charlottesville, VA    
Skyline Drive (Shenandoah National Park), VA    Hartford, CT     Old Sturbridge Village, MA

Hartford, CT and the Mark Twain House

We have driven through Hartford several times a year for 40 years and more. John taught multi-week courses in Hartford in the mid-1980s. And yet we never stopped in the city to visit the 1874-1891 home of Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens), John's favorite author. It was in this house that Twain wrote

The Mark Twain House (officially The Mark Twain House & Museum) does not allow photography inside so our pictures are of the exterior. The virtual tour on the website DOES give views of each room and we recommend browsing through it. In many ways, the billiard room at the top of the house is the focal point of his artistic life, as opposed to family or public life on the lower floors.

The coach house

A counter-clockwise walk around the outside